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Poem For Jane On Valentine's Day, 2011

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I wrote this for Jane at Valentine's Day. It catches my mood tonight and reminds me that more than formality remains in my life. She died five months ago tonight. I went to the cemetery today, railed at the gods, then came home and filled two of the cutting garden beds with glads and marigolds, impatiens and petunias. Then it started to rain, so I watered them in and came home.

I hope you will all find some comfort in these words. They remind me of who we were--and that there is still a light in each of us to guide our boats home out of these stormy seas.



For Jane,

Valentine’s Day, 2011

Forgive this mourning--

Snow stretches across my soul--

Ice storms pummel me.

The monument smiles,

Beckons like an angel’s tears

Blocked by departure.

Death shutters my soul--

But glitters of frankincense

Purge the heart’s darkness,

Rekindle the note

En sof sang within our lives,

Reignite our souls.

All my love, always and all ways,


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Thank you for sharing it with us. My George was gifted with words too...

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