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I Don't Trust Long Friendship


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I give up. I never talk about my emotions regarding about my loved ones. I've lost a lot! I feel like it's just the day that the person is passed away. Like you can't move on, you keep thinking about yesterday when that person is with me. Even though, if I tried talking about it, I know what people is gonna advised me anyway "I know how you feel and you feel better" NO SUPPORT AT ALL, SO I WAS LIKE 'WHAT'S THE POINT, LEAVE ME ALONE.' But I do get angry and being belligerent to other people get frustrated to them for them showing their emotions...I loose control.I've become a bit slightly arrogant. Because I feel that people don't care how I feel, when I struggle every day with overwhelming feel.It's strong! I never get any support. I do cry every time at night, thinking or writing sometimes I can't even write! Or say their names, that's what haunting. Yes one of them is my principal. I like him... He passed away and it's nearly graduation day I decided to repeat gr 10 and stay in the school...I don't feel comfortable with other principal. I get angry and jealous easily...

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