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Six Months

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Today marks six months since my mom passed. I didn't think I would ever make it to six months. It's funny, because it feels like so long that I last saw her, but it also feels like yesterday. Six months feels like forever, but at the same time it feels like nothing when I think about all the years ahead that I'm going to have to spend without her.

I'm definitely not crying as much as I was in the beginning, but the pain is still there. I still think about her all the time and miss her every single second of every day. I still catch myself wanting to call her or waiting for her to appear. It's a disappointment every time she doesn't. Everything just feels so empty without her.


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BellaRose you sound like me...It will be six months in June. Every morning I wake up and say to myself "I cant believe she is gone.." Just this morning I said to myself, "I cant wait to see her.." even though I know thats not possible. Nothing feels the same. I try to keep myself extra busy because I feel I am no longer capable of having rest or relaxation.

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