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Visted With Grandma Today

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Memorial day is coming up so I went to the cemetery to clean up the head stones. Grandma's won't be there for a while - they are trying to find someone who can make hers look just like my Grandpa's and Aunt Mary's headstone - so we have no idea when hers will be there. I will probably be in Florida before it comes in.

Well - I scrubbed Grandpa and Mary's stones while I talked to Grandma. It was nice to be that close to her. I even scrubbed my Great Grandparents and my Great Great Grandparent's stones. It made me feel good to do this for her. She always cleaned the headstones. Even last year - when she could barely walk, couldn't see or hear hardly anything - she still went there and cleaned those stones.

It is nice that there are still things I can do for her. Makes me feel good.

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