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In this crappy time I did do something positive. In the beginning of this journey I had doubts of whether we did everything we possibly could have to save my mother. What if she took prednisone instead of the whatever medicine they gave her, what if she stayed on the bipap machine etc... I had a case of the what if's. I then scheduled a meeting with her doctor. Unfortunately I had to wait a couple weeks to talk to her. Yesterday was my meeting.

I had already came somewhat to peace with these questions but I wanted to hear it from her. In a nutshell she confirmed that there was absolutely nothing else we could have done. None of the things I was thinking about would have changed the outcome at all. She said we were all great in how we put her comfort in front of or own wants and we did a great thing by taking her home. She said we couldn't have done a better job at all and she was lucky to have us there with her.

Now although it doesn't take away the pain of my mom being gone it does help. I'll never have to wonder later in life if there was something different we could have done. I didn't realize how much this visit really meant until I was driving home after. I'm so glad I can put this one thing behind me!

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I think you should find out! You have two things that will happen. Either, as you said, they will say it's been to long or they will be able to help you out. So the worse that will happen is that you will hear it's been to long. You would be in the same place as you were before. On the other hand they may have all the records and can review what happened. Then you will have a chance to ask questions that you always wanted to ask and you'll be able to put closer to them. I would say when you weigh out hearing " It's been to long" on one end and being able to put closer to some of those questions you may have on the other end it's very much worth contacting them.

The only thing is I would do it as quickly as possible because more and more time is going by and don't get your hopes up to high. You don't want another question of " I wonder if I did contact them back then if it would have been to late" haunting you. Make a phone call and find out! Not a whole lot to loose!

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