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Hi all,I'm hoping to get some thoughts on this so here goes..some of you know that last year I went to see a famous medium to connect with my Dad.I left feeling confused and sad.I got a reading,but it was not really a good one.about 1/2 and 1/2 and very general.I still to this day dont know if I even believe or what I believe.So,anyway I have a friend that I never talk to,but somehow talked to her,she had a friend that died last year,and her grief therapist referred her to this 'local' medium.She was blown away,so of course I went to see her.As soon as I sat,she asked me not to say a thing about the person I wanted to talk to,and right away,said a man rushes right up.He died not old(she said she was old,he wasnt old old)my dad died at 49.good looking,funny,blah blah.Needless to say I was convinced.she read me for an hour and a half.I still cant believe how good she was.(down to saying he was alone when his spirit left his body,and sitting up)he was in a car.I could go on and on,but I have a point...she stressed that our loved ones WANT to help us from the other side,but they help in ways they used to.She said her father sold houses so now he finds great houses for the family.I took a friend for a reading and she stressed this with her as well...So my car has been messed up for a few months,when you hit the gas it would stall.I even got in a accident,a car rammed my back end.So I was on the phone w my boyfriend and said,(not thinkin)I will just have my dad fix it...oops,I forgot he was dead..cried all day.Anyway,guess what?when I went to get it fixed,it already WAS fixed,I swear!Then the mediums voice popped in my head,saying"they want to help,just ask."Does anyone think it could be my dad?please comment,I'm going nuts.

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hi Loulou, my dearest friend,

it's good to hear from you. I'm glad you got to go to another medium who gave you some better belief that your Dad did come through. I have no doubt in my mind that if our Dads exist on some other plane then they absolutely do want to help us, they do see and hear everything that goes on and they know what we are going through. Why would our Dads ever abandon us if they still exist somewhere, they wouldn't. I know the doubt always slips in and out of my mind but I think underneath it all I think he is around and is helping me even though I can't feel him, sense him or anything. I really don't know how I could go on in this world if he was not doing something "behind the scenes" for me. Things that I get SO SO overly stressed about that he would normally have me relaxed about within seconds, take longer now for me to calm down, for the worry to disipate but it does eventually.......it just takes longer now.

With regards to your car, something your Dad would have always fixed, would have been your first call to when something went wrong, then suddenly it is fixed.......I really do think that was your Dad lou, no doubt about it. I bet he didn't want you to have to go through the hassle of dealing with garage, stress of having a "broken" car etc. As I say, as much as I have my doubts, I think the doubt is from the human earthly part of us, nor do I believe in "coincidences".

I was in my car 2 weeks ago, in such a rage over work, stress etc and all I wanted was my Dad because he was the person who I'd go to about this stuff, the loneliness and feeling of complete abandonment by everyone was so strong. Well, just as I started my car, thinking of badly I needed my Dad and ONLY him, next thing Celine Dion "That's The Way It Is" came on ............it blew me away Lou.....this was the song that played 6-7 times on his anniversary last year in my car ........now it's my Dad's song to me because the words are simply so apt.

Here's the link, it's a beautiful song. That's the way it is

The thing is I had been "trying" to get the song to play randomly all that week but of course it never comes on when I actually try to force it, but then when I really needed my Dad, it came on. Of course it send me into worse floods of tears thinking he's hear but yet he's not hear, I can't hug him, can't chat with him, hear his voice. But it gave me a little to try to keep believing he's still around.

My friend and her Mom did go to a medium last week, her Mom thought she was brilliant, they lost their Dad 6 years ago, same date as mine!! She was so specific. My friends Mom told me she would come with me, book it for me etc. I thought about it for a couple of days but I just can't yet. I guess I'm too scared that it will be too generic, too general and then where will I be left with my "faith". Am just not ready yet.

sending you a ton of love and hugs my dear friend, love and miss you



PS, missed your post so sorry for late reply hun (((hugs))))

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Hi hon!I'm absolutely ecstatic for you and your dads "song".When you feel it in your heart,you know its real.I always try to get my dads song to me to play,but it does come on when Dad wants,I guess.But it makes it that much special when it does.This new medium,confirmed my song(it was amazing)I told her as I was leaving that I felt my dad sends me a certain song,she asked"whats the song?"I didnt stop to think and said"how far from heaven"before the words were out of my mouth all the way,she put up her hand and said,"he says how far IS heaven,how far IS heaven"I didnt think about it then,but that night I was laying in bed and thought,hmmm I wonder if I said the title wrong.I checked the next day and sure enough...how far IS heaven.She didnt even know the song I ment seeing its not popular at all.But really Niamh,it didnt make me feel much better,cause even when I do believe,its such a sad excuse for talking to our loved ones.I took a friend of mine whos mom just died,also whos boyfriend killed himself a few years back,she wanted to go but was scared to go alone.I thought,"if we sit down and alice says "Im bringing through 2 people,guy and women"I'm gonna freak out."sure enough,thays how it started..idk.I feel she might b the real deal.She told me my dad and I are part of the same "soul mate" group and we have had past lifes together.She stressed more then anything how deeply he loves me.she actually got teary eyed because she said the feeling was so strong,the love so deep.Its worth going,but go when your ready.I hope work is going good for you.I hope your mom is holding up.I miss talking to you.Thanks for being there for me,once again,my dear friend.I love youxoxo Lou(I love how you call me that,reminds me of him)p.s.thats a great song for him to give you.I have heard it before but didnt much listen..wow.thats perfect!

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hey Lou,

Yep you're so right about the songs coming when our Dads want instead of when WE want them. Maybe it's the same as people have said to me with us truly feeling their presense, it will happen with THEY know we are ready for it. It's weird because as much as I want to feel him, when that song played that evening I did freak out somewhat, like the reality hit that this was now the only way of communicating with my Dad ,I wanted to physically reach out and touch him but there was no where to reach and I was so agitated ..........so maybe I'm not actually ready yet to feel his presense.

Wow Lou, I remember you telling me about that song and it's an unusual one so definitely not something to be pulled out of thin air by somebody, these are the specifics that make me believe this has to be real. The song is SO apt for you and your feelings, your questioning where your Dad is..........maybe it's really a lot closer than we think eh !

I do know the feeling of it not really making you feel better, these are all "once off" things and they dont happen when we want them ...........if that was the case I would want it to be happening all day everyday and it's never enough. We've had a lifetime of hugging, chatting, hearing their voice, calling them ......all that flipped to hearing a specific song when things get too much ........yeah reality is that it's not much comfort, maybe for one single split second and that's as long as it is.

I've had a couple of dreams this last week with my Dad in them, they don't comfort me, I long for the feeling in the dream when I saw my Dad and feel SO frustrated when I wake up to the reality.In the dream it was like I knew something was going to happen because I wanted to get lots more photos of him. None of these dreams are "visits" because it's all "normal" things going on, normal chat........nothing about him loving me which if it was a "dream visit" I would think he'd tell me that !!!!

thanks for asking about my Mom hun, she's holding up as best she can, still just as lost as I am. always here for you hon.

aw it just fits so well calling you Lou, rolls off the tongue/page :-), glad if feels good.

love you my dear and sending a ton of love and big Daddy girl (((hug))) to you,


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