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Feeling A Little Peaceful

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For the past week, I have felt more peaceful about my Moms passing. I still miss her terribly but just have a sense of calm for some reason. I talked to a grief counselor and I told her I know how much my Mom hated to see me cry or have any kind of pain. I told I wish she would help me feel better. I don't know if time has helped or IF my Mom did help me feel better. My Mom was a fall weather type of person. She loved that time of year. Our weather has cooled down in Missouri finally and over the weekend at sunset the breeze was blowing, it was cool and I thought of her and felt sad but comforted. I think I will "feel" her more when fall comes if that makes sense.

I don't want to sound like I am "all better" I am different in many ways and don't think I will ever be quite the same. I feel sad for my kids that someday they may not remember her because they are so young. I want them to remember how much she loved them and how everything they did delighted her. Thank you everyone for listening. I hope all of you with heavy hearts can start having better days.

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