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Hearing about Steve Job's passing somehow ( I know this sounds cold) gave me comfort. That it doesn't matter how much wealth a person has, they can not buy good health and immortality. I send thoughts of comfort and peace to his wife. Love to all, Pam

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Pam, Death is certainly the common denominator. Yet, I wonder how many of us have ever been offered a class in grade school or high school or even a required or elective course in college on death and bereavement? I fail to comprehend that. It is no wonder that our culture deals with grief so poorly in so many instances. Thanks for places like this forum...

Thank you, Steve, for my iPod, everyone's iPhone and iPad and for kicking off the personal computer. My sympathy to his family.


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Dear friends,

Actually, Jobs did not die from pancreatic cancer.

He died of neuroendocrine cancer--a far worse disease.

His death matters in part because of what he died from. NEC is a disease no one knows about--that is diagnosed incorrectly three times before anyone picks it up--if they pick it up at all--on average.

Doctors call it a zebra because they don't expect to see a case in their careers so they don't learn about it and don't look for it. But once they have heard of it they start finding cases under every rock they turn over. There is no cure. There has been only one new drug approved to treat the symptoms in the last 30 years. And the drugs we had before that were developed for other things and just happen to work on alleviating--for a time--the symptoms.

The disease killed my wife last year. Her death has inspired her doctors--but her name is not big enough to register with the general public.



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Dear Pam,

Like my father use to say, " the only sure thing in life is, You were born, some how, some way you pay taxes and at the end is Death ".

Money cannot make you happy, it could ease your mind a little. It does not protect you from Illness either. We all will get, there some day. Until then just try to keep moving forward in this life we have, now. I said at my hospice meeting, " That I am back among the living again ". The counselor said that is a perfect way to describe it. When you reach a point were you set goals, and I have set a big one to become a nurse, follow though with your goal, and get out and meet new people. I have done that. Except the big goal, It gets so close, then another curve ball comes at me. I will not give up until I make it and get that first new job in a new career.

God Bless


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