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Widows In Isreal

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I watched this hour long documentary this morning on PBS. It helped me understand how lucky we are to live in this country but also reinforced how widows all around the world share common feelings and emotions. We are truly not alone in our pain. I hope the link below works!

This is the struggle of 8 widows in Isreal who are trying to rebuild there lives in a culture where widows are oppressed amd treated as damaged goods.

Enjoy, Cheryl


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I can't download anything that big (we don't have high speed internet available here) but you are right, we are very lucky to live here. Overall, most people in the US regard widows/widowers with respect rather than as "damaged goods", we are fortunate to have have the support that we do.

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Dear Cheryl,

I cannot understand how, in the middle east, that, men can treat woman like this. It is mindless, to me. Even in our own country there are men who think as a woman as property. Like they are not even human. I think that, men like this are not real men at all. The greatest gift we as men can have is a loving woman, who we respect and love them back so much, that I would have given my life in a split second, if it meant to save Pauline. You are right we are very fortunate to live in this great nations, where we respect all woman. I am glad you posted this. I will be doing some handyman work for widows in my area. And I feel great to do things that they cannot do themselves, and are afraid to have a man come into their home that they do not know, so I stepped up and was first to put my name on the list.

God Bless


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