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A Quilt To Mend

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I thought this was a wonderful article, I want to share it with you. I wish you could see the picture of the quilt, I will try to scan it but it won't do it justice...



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Dear Kay,

I Thank You very much for sharing that with us. There is a message in there for all of us. To keep making our own type of quilt, not literally, but in some sort of fashions or meaning. WE do move and heal stitch by stitch, patch, by patch, square, by square, until we have made many new fabrics in our own new life. Some can, sew faster than others. Others it seems like time has stood still, caught in that moment of fabric of time at the very end, the last days, we all had with our loved ones. I hope that this woman making these quilts and to finish on her husband, date of passing is an inspiration to us all to keep taking tiny steps every day, a year from now, you will look back and see in the sands of time just how far all those tiny steps each day takes us closer into our life but yet a different life, never forgetting our loved ones, but to embrace and celebrate the life we lived with them. Never to forget, as we make new different memories in a new world of life.

I Thank You KAY, my Dear friend

God Bless


The Best and Most Beautiful Things in Life, cannot be Seen or even Touched. They Must be Felt with the HEART!!!!! Helen Keller

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I wish they'd display the quilt in an art event, I'd love to see it, just to stare at it and absorb it and take it all in. Something about this woman's actions really touched me. They were married such a short time, but you can tell how much she loved him and how hard it must be for her. I may try to contact her and invite her to this site.

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