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Happy New Year - 2012

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Happy New Year - 2012

Thank You to Marty and everyone else on these boards who have

supported me and countless others over the years. It was seven years ago that I

spent my last New Years Eve with my dearest Jeannie, not knowing that Cancer

would take her away from me and her family in a few short months.

I felt her presence last night and know that she still waits patiently until we can be together again, not just for 42 years, but eternally. :D

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Walt, thank you. It was seven years ago that I also unknowingly spent my last New Year's Eve with George. We went to a party at the church and enjoyed ourselves, we came home and slept cuddled up together. It's odd how you can be living your life in ignorant bliss, totally unaware that everything is about to change forever...

I know how much you miss your little Jeannie...all I can think is, we're seven years closer to being with them again. Hang in there my dear friend. It's people like you that have gotten me through these years thus far.

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