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I have started to forget things. I lost something in the house and couldnt find it anywhere. Eventually my brain cleared and I had a thought where I had put it and sure enough it was there. I forget what I have gone into a room for, forget what I want in the shops. My mind is just full of grief and worry about things I really dont need to worry about. I worry that I will run short of money as I retired early to spend time with my other half . Now I have no salary but I do have a reasonable pension. I cant seem to get anything into perspective - I can relate to so many of the posts on this site. I am getting involved in voluntary work so I am not on my own so much. I tell them not to give me anything too taxing to do as I am likely to get it wrong at the moment. It is so hard with no-one to refer to who had been at your side for 36 years. Always there, always supportive, he used to say to me 'What would I do without you' now I am finding out what I have to do without him. Somebody told me 'Just keep doing the next thing' and that is what I am striving to do. Not always successfully.


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Hang in there Susan. It takes time. I could barely remember my name after Dick's death.

I started making lists and lists and lists, since I would lose the first one! It was so discouraging and frightening. I was certain I was losing my mind. Sleeping was a huge problem for me so I was always so very tired.

It is so good to hear that you are making yourself get out and are getting involved. Doing that was so hard for me. It is difficult to get used to doing things by yourself after having your other half for so many years. Dick and I had been married 39 years.

One thing that finally helped me a bit was to blame the grief. My counselor tells me to be gentle with myself; to not beat myself up because I can't remember things, that I worry about everything and to allow myself those days when I just miss Dick so badly.

This new life is not easy.

God Bless You!


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