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Am I Dating Through Grief...or Grieving Through Dating?


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Catherine Tidd, aka Widow Chick, writes on her blog today:

I think there is some sort of rumor going around - not just in the widow community but in the dating-the-second-time-around community in general – that dating should be smoother as we get older and wiser. I fell into that trap, too, when I first started dating after my husband died. I thought that I knew what I wanted, how I was going to go about getting it, and was hopeful that because I was older…I wouldn't have to put up with as many "games" as I did when I dated years ago.Unfortunately – and this took me a while to figure out – I had no idea what I wanted, how I thought I would go about it didn't work at all, and the "games" were still there. Just with better technology. Read the entire post here

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