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The Caregiver's Song

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This song was written and performed by the daughter of a friend of mine on her latest CD.

I think the words (which are on this page with the music) are what Bill would have said if he could have at the end and

which he said in so many ways on this journey.



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Wow...am I so choked up over this song.......a yr at this time, i was handling everything, Nurse, homemaker, cook, confidante, driver, medical power of attorney, firing doctors.....the list goes on and on, as it does for us all, and then the grief......enough said.......never have I really thought of what Mike was thinking of me at the time........nice song......now do I go cry somemore or mow the yard....maybe I can do both.....Dave

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I remember our two weeks in the hospital and my husband thanking me for being there 24 hours a day and making all those vital decisions. I kept telling him it was my honor to get him through this ordeal...however he never made it. My heart aches as I go onto my third year wishing he were here with me.

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