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Does Anyone Else Feel Like Their Loved One Is Still Trying To Take Car


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I know this will sound odd to some, but the last couple of weeks since my Arthur died I feel like he is still with me and trying to make sure I will be ok. The days right after he died when I lay in bed it felt like he held me. I could almost feel him against my back.

And then my sliding glass door started locking itself every time I closed it. For a week it did this, not so much anymore, but I still love thinking about it because Arthur was always very safety conscious. His mom found a check unexpectedly that had been lost...it was an old paycheck that expires on the 29th...she found that the day after he died. And then when I was sweeping the dining room a financial statement kind of got launched out from under a book shelf. It had information that I really needed and had been trying to find.

Also last week I kept on getting really strong whiffs of the smell of flowers. My Arthur loved plants and I have always associated the smell of flowers with Arthur. He used to put small handfuls in his shirt pocket so when I hugged him I would smell flowers. Anyway I smelled Rosemary really strong in the bedroom, Lilac in the kitchen and Lavender also another time. Lilacs are not in season here yet, but when we went to Missouri for Spring break right before he died they were and he had put a bunch in his pocket.

I am attatching a picture of my Arthur being a goofball with the lilacs in the background. My beloved LOVED plants so much. I always joked that if I lost him on a walk all I had to do was look for the nearest plant and I would find him.

I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced something like this?


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Lina, dear, your post has gone unanswered for a while here, and unless and until one of our members offers a response to your question, I'd like to share some resources with you.

You might be interested in a book entitled Signals, by Joel Rothschild (click on the title to read Amazon's description and reviews). This is taken from the book's jacket:

Signals is the extraordinary true story of two friends, both living with AIDS, who made a pact: whoever died first would try to contact the other. Joel Rothschild, the more skeptical of the two, was the one left behind. His book chronicles a series of miraculous experiences and encounters that tell an amazing story and offer wonderful proof of an afterlife. Signals is the story of a skeptic who learns that there is more in heaven and earth than the human mind can comprehend. It's a story of an awakening, a transformation -- a story that uplifts us, and makes us smile in wonder.It is a story of love, hope, and healig that will take you on an adventure you will never forget. Ultimately, as Neale Donald Walsch writes, it 'closes the greatest gap of all -- the gulf in our understanding of life and death.'

See also my blog post, After Death Communication: A List of Resources.

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What a wonderful picture, Lina. I can see just from this what a smart, funny, special guy he was.

For a year or two after Jan died, whenever I was home from school on break, my father would say, "Do you kids have some friend making prank calls??" My brother was in college too and usually home at the same time. My father said that the phone would ring, and when he picked it up no one would answer, and he'd just hear a faint noise on the line, like something was going on in the background that he couldn't quite hear. He said it happened whenever we were home, and only then.

A few years later, when I was living with another brother for a few months, the same thing happened to me a couple times when I was there alone. The phone would ring, I'd say "Hello?" and there would only be a faint noise on the line. So I don't know.


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