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A Free/easy Way To Get Out, Socialize, Meet People Etc


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From another site:


For those not up on it, it's a way via internet to connect to all kinds of local/nearby "clubs" of almost any conceivable kind. It's free to join and almost all the clubs are too. Occasionally they may ask a buck per "event" to cover costs of having the club on that site, but mostly that's it. Again there are all kinds of groups, including sometimes widow/widower groups and ones for socializing, dining out, most any hobby or activity etc. Obviously the bigger area you live in or near the more groups there are likely to be.

For what it's worth. Really, if you're feeling lonely, friends have disappeared etc etc, why not give them a try? There's nothing to lose.

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I've used meetup as a way to volunteer. What's nice is that there is no on going commitment. You click on the calendar and see what's going on and do the activities you want. You can also cancel really easily which was often as a new widow. A lot of people think it is only for singles and is a dating site. It's not! You can join a group for women only or moms only or families ect....If you want a singles club I guess they have those as well. What's nice is its geared towards interests. I have worked at the food bamk, homeless shelter, teen center, medical packing house. I also found a grief support group for young widows/widowers through meetup. All just a click away. It is nation wide source for getting like minded people together.

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Cheryl, exactly.....they were a life-saver for me when I first decided to stop being a "hermit" and get back out among the living. Most of my/our alleged friends bailed on me and I felt TOTALLY alone. It was like this built-in social circle and calendar of events. Granted more acquaintances then friends but made some friends from it too.

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