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I am reading John O'Donohue's book, The Invisible Embrace: Beauty. His chapter on death is so good. Of course it makes me weep because most everything he wrote has that effect on me. john was an Irish (born, raised and lived in Ireland) priest who left the priesthood several years ago, wrote poetry and books that I find no words to describe. a popular one is Anam Cara which means Soul Friend. His chapter on death in that one is also memorable. He died in his sleep in 2008 at the age of 48 or close to it. There is a website with his name. It has videos with that lovely Irish brogue of his.

In this one, Beauty, he says: When someone you love has died it takes a long time to learn the art of inhabiting the loss. (I like that phrase-inhabiting the loss- like moving into it- inside of a new abode.)

He says what it must be like for the one who dies because it is the first time they take that journey. He calls death the master of stillness. And the deathbed- an altar. Sacred. And that Our souls have no fear of death. Death cannot touch the soul. He says the soul is the container of our life. It contains the body. Not the other way around. That our soul carries our sacred essence into eternal life. And that eternal life means those who die are right beside us. here.

I know i am speaking about my own beliefs, I e that we go on somehow after death somehow. Science is beginning to merge with spirituality regarding this. And coming up with evidence beyond anecdotes. I do not mean to I impose any belief on anyone. I just found his words and thoughts that Bill IS nearby so consoling tonight and needed. And thought some one else might also. if nothing else their spirit does live on in us.



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Thank you Mary. I've heard of him. I so need something like that. I will follow it up. Jan

Jan, I will make this short as I have been up most of the night and am sleepy so will try to grab another hour sleep or so. I do think you will like O'Donohue's writing but listen to some of what is on his website and read what is there first, of course. I am glad you ate the egg and perhaps this is a tour around day. it is dawn here...and i have basically watched it become so....had lots of insights since last evening and will share later. Good insights. Mary

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Guest babylady

i was born and raised roman catholic, but gave up my religion in my early 20s. i do believe the soul goes on. i also believe in reincarnation. i've had several visits from my beloved john and also had a reading with a medium -- not just any medium but a woman who was my spiritual teacher in new york. she's quite famous now.

not only did john come through, but so did my mom. my dad was there too and so was my son and my mother in law but they didn't say anything.

apparently they were all there to help him cross over, but the main ones were my mom and his mom. that was very comforting. my mom adored john. he was extremely good to her especially when she got dementia.

my mom said she appreciated how much i did for her. she didn't live with us, but we took care of her needs and eventually put her into an assisted living facility. she said she knew how hard it was for me.

john had a lot to say which surprised suzane because she said she remembered john as not being very "talkative".

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Mary, thank you for sharing that. I miss reading. I have been an avid reader all of my life...until George died. For some reason, I can't seem to get back into it, I don't know why, my focus just isn't there. I hope someday I can, because it would be a great avenue to have again.

I don't think anyone here needs to be apologetic for the spiritual beliefs...or lack of them either. Whatever comfort we can find! If anyone doesn't believe the same as someone else they can ignore that post. :)

For me I find great comfort in thinking about seeing George again...honestly, I don't think I could handle it if I thought he was just gone.

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Thanks, Kay. I believe (as you do) that whatever works for anyone is great. Whatever comforts us. I also can hardly wait to be with Bill again...and I do believe it will happen. I like this attachment .


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Oh man, you're not a kidding! To be in George's arms again, WOULD be heaven!

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