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New To This Forum...not New To Loss.

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Hello, everyone. I signed up a while back when I was struggling to get a grip after a small setback in my healing journey. My name is Kira and I became a widow when my husband Mark was killed in 1997. It was sudden, tragic and a very traumatic event. What made it worse, was I was living in a foreign country, away from my family and closest friends. Thankfully, my circle of friends there helped me along for a few days until my family could fly down to be with me.

I thought I would never survive the loss of the love of my life. I was a mess. There is a lot more to the story, which I hope to share once I know some of you here, but I think the reason I have come to this forum is to help others know that they are not alone, and that in the face of tragic loss, sudden or otherwise, time really does heal, and I am living testimony to that.

I am back in Canada now, working, writing, healing and finding my way to my "new normal". I hope that I can share your joy, pain, memories and loss. I hope that you will welcome me here to tell my story, and share my grief poetry and that I may make a few friends here that I can relate to.

It is overwhelming to read these threads and see the different stages that you are all in. I have been through all of them. It brings back a lot of memories, and I hope that my posts will help some of you that are new to loss realize that some day you will look back on the early days of your grief and realize those days are gone...replaced by a renewed strength, will to live, to make your loved one proud, and to make a difference.

Peace to you all,


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Welcome to this site! We would indeed be interested in hearing your story. This is a very special place, we share with one another our raw pain, the things we go through, our feelings, pretty much everything, and we are supportive of one another in our grief journeys. These people here are like a family, ever growing, and ever changing.

There are others here who have been living in another country when they lost their partner, and I'm sure they can relate to what you have experienced. None of us are alone here.

I hope you find this place a place of comfort and encouragement, even as you seek to share with others that you have road the gamut and made it through.

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