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Meow-Meow Hea English-Hebert

3/13/1990 – 10/25/2005

~ Trust ~

You trusted us to take care of you

You trusted us to love you

You trusted us with your life and well-being

You trusted us to know when the time came, to make the right decision

You trusted us with the final steps

You trusted us . . . .

I pray we did you justice,

That we took good, no great care of you,

That we loved you completely and unconditionally,

That we took care of your life and well-being, and did a great job,

That we tried really hard not to be selfish and know when the time came to make the most difficult and painful decision to let you go into The Father’s Hands when you were ready to go,

And that we made all the right decisions concerning the final steps,

And that especially we were a good mommy and daddy while you were here with us on earth.

I trust you will be waiting for me and daddy on the other side,

When it’s our time to “go Home”.

Love eternally,Your Mommy

Tracy English-Hebert

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