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Hi All,

I do not know why I am feeling the way I am but it is so confusing right now for me... I have my high moments like when I did the Christmas concert and than I have very low moments where I do not know why I want to live on this earth... I know that I need to stay on this earth until God calls me home and God loves me but I get really really low that I feel just like I am going to lose it... shelley

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Shelley, you are describing grief...up and down...a roller coaster ride. What is great right now is you are having some good moments, involved in your concert and even winning a prize. The low moments are part of this journey and they will come and go..some worse than others. We are all in this together and we will all make it through these tough days.



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Shelley, that is the way with emotions. I have ups and downs too...the down moments seem to come for me in the wee hours. Have you noticed a pattern with yours? Is there something that triggers you and sets it off? Being aware of what is going on within you helps. When you are in a low moment, remind yourself that it will feel differently tomorrow or next week. Hang in there!

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