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Prayers For Mothers Day.

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Thinking of everyone who are missing their Mama's, who lost them, who never really had them available in life, Mother's who have lost children.

And missing grandMother's too.

Prayers for today. I know I am hurting. Doesn't matter when or how you lose your Mom or Mother figure... It never goes away.


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Dear Shannon,

I hope you are feeling a bit better, that the chemo is wearing away and leaving you able to eat and do more things.

I know it will get easier for you.

I am thinking of you today, as you remember your Mother, and your deep loss.

I am also holding you in prayer and in my heart, and hoping that this day brings some healing and moments of peace, and that through all these very difficult times, you can find one spot of hope and hold that in your heart as you make this journey.

Much Love and



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(((((Hugs))))) Fae. Thank you. :wub:

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I wasn't on line yesterday but I said a prayer for you all the same, I knew the day would be tough. Mother's Day can be an emotionally charged day for so many of us for all kinds of reasons.

I hope you're doing okay...when is your next chemo?

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