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Honoring My Dad

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This October, I will be spreading my Dad's ashes as he requested of me. Although it has been a long time coming, I had to be able to do it just right. My oldest son will be able to fly out here to Arizona to help it happen. You see, I need someone to fly my plane when I go to the back and accomplish this event. What makes this so special is that my son is licensed to fly the same WWII bomber that my dad flew in the war, and this seemed so special to me to have his grandson at the controls. We will leave him in the same place where I spread my Mom thirty three years ago and in the same airplane I might ad.

That will be an honor.


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:) Thanks Marty. I am often reminded how my Dad exposed me to flying at the age of eight. I flew with him so many times that when I was old enough, I received my pilots license in record time. I did the same with my son who now is a Lt Cmdr in the Navy and makes me proud just to know him. Now it appears that my six year old granddaughter has the bug. Full circle I think.

I will be sure to post when it has been achieved. I'm just glad my son will be able to get here for the event. I also will be glad to know my Mom and Dad will be together (as if they weren't already).

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