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My brother left my husband and I a gift and a letter to be given to Shannon should anything happen to him. He passed on May 29th. However, she was very sick fighting cancer and in treatments and then surgery and then a bone marrow transplant and all it's complications, which she succumbed to Sept 10th. I never found the right time to give her what Leo left her. I knew how broken she was losing him.

But I am questioning myself. Who was I to play "god" and decide she would get worse if I gave it to her...

Who was I to withhold something that could have very well put just enough hope in her heart to fight harder to survive...

I don't know what the gift is he left her. I don't know what his letter even says. And now I feel horrible. And I don't know if it is my place to read the letter now and see his gift to her.

My heart is breaking. I'm racked with guilt... :(

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You can't know unless you open and read it. They have both passed on and now he can tell her himself. Try not to beat yourself up, you cared more than anyone and tried your best.

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