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A Message from the Centre for Bereavement Research:

All of us (you can find our names at the bottom of this message) are researchers at the Centre for Bereavement Research and Intervention at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Most of us have many years of experience researching grief and bereavement phenomena and giving therapy to bereaved individuals. Thus far research has taught us a lot about how people deal with the extreme difficulty of the death of a loved one, however important questions still remain (like, for instance, why do some bereaved seem to do better than others and how can we best help the ones who need help?). Our aim is to try to provide answers to such questions. By doing so we hope to improve care for people dealing with such a highly significant event in their lives. We hope you will help us reach these goals by participating in a small study we are conducting now. Participation in our study will last for five weeks and will consist of five writing assignments and a few very short questionnaires, that will take you no more than 25 minutes per week. Please send us an email (h.k.vanderhouwen@fss.uu.nl) if you consider participating in our study and would like to receive more information.

Thank you very much for reading this message and for your help.

Wolfgang Stroebe, PhD, Professor of Psychology

Jan van den Bout, PhD, Professor of Psychology

Margaret Stroebe, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology

Henk Schut, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Karolijne van der Houwen, PhD candidate

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Guest Karolijne

This is a message to let everyone know participation in our bereavement study is no longer possible. The researchers would like to thank all people who have shown an interest and who have participated in our study. We understand this is a very difficult time for you and therefore we greatly appreciate your willingness to help with our study. Our research team will conduct another study in a few months time. We will again post a message on this board then. Anyone interested in taking part in this new bereavement study, please send an email to h.k.vanderhouwen@fss.uu.nl

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