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My Dad Died In Rasool Akram Hospital -In Tehran- Because Of Many Ignor

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My Dad Died In Rasool Akram Hospital -In Tehran- Because Of Many Ignorance from doctors and nurses

Hello Dears

Seven months ago my father suddenly could not breath well , my mother and I called emergency station and they came but they did not do anything and brought my father to Rasool Akram Hospital -in Tehran. There was real hell in that hospital.

My father was opium addict but his doctors did not allow us to give him opium due to it is ban in that hospital instead of that they gave us methadone which is worse than opium. Finally methadone loosed his lung and he died and left me forever.

I am so sorry why I listen to doctors. There were unknowledge doctors and impolite nurses , they did not come hospital due to holiday and I could find just two or three doctor in the whole of hospital. I do not know why they choose this job for themselves , all of patients had Complaint from this hospital , they just killed patient include my father too.

After my father left me I could not live my life like past. I could not believe that his died can paralyze my life. I wrote my Complaint to forensics , but their report were almost nothing. I regret for all of seconds which passed too fast and I could not do anything. I still think he is in his room otherwise whenever I remember he died I can not continue anything. I tried a lot but I still miss him and love him , I found that I did not love anyone as same as him. How can I overcome it.

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Hi, I am sorry you lost your dad, I lost my mom just two months ago. There is no relationship like that of our parent, no one takes their place. We do not get over it, but we do learn to live with it. There are many here lost their parent, have you read some of the other threads here?

I am sorry also for your bad experience with the hospital and doctors there. Not all are the same, I think we are fortunate in the USA. Here if you report it to the medical board, it will be investigated, do you have a medical board you can report it to, someone who does the licensing? With forensics, that is more that stick together, I think the licensing board is where to start.

I am sorry for your mom too. You do not say how old you are or if you live with your mom, but I hope you find comfort with each other.

It is good that you are able to express yourself here, it helps to let it out and not hold it in all the time.

If you look around on this site you will see many helpful links to read, I hope you'll take the time to do so.

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Hello Dear

Very thank you for your healing words, I am 31 years old and this sadness really broke me. I am living with my mom. She is so stronger than me. I decided to leave our house many times because we can not tolerate his vacant seat.

How can I report to medical board when all of them are same. I tried a lot in hospital but actually I am sure they will do worse things, but I will do again.

The worse thing is a lot of scenes that I remember when my dad was in ICU , he was strong and I could not believe that he is under wire and into bated, I can not forget his eyes when looked at me, how can I forget, after seven months I can not solve it yet. Something inside me eat me and beat me from inside extremely.

Best Regards.

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I don't think we do forget, I think we incorporate it into our lives. I have never forgotten one minute of when my husband was in the hospital and died, it is indelibly etched into me.

I was 29 when my father died, I was pregnant with my first child, he never got to know his grandchildren. I know how hard it is to lose your dad when you're so young.

I don't know how it is there, but here, the medical board keeps the doctors in line, whereas the doctors/hospitals stick together, protect each other. The medical board has more power, can revoke licenses. And even if they don't this time, if they get enough reports about the same doctor or facility, it will get their attention.

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My dear Mahsa,

I am so very sorry for your loss and all the pain surrounding it at the hospital. I am glad you found your way to our circle of caring people.

You mentioned that you are having trouble with the memories of your Dad's eyes while in the hospital. I wonder if you have considered seeing a grief counselor at this point. I do not know what kinds of services are available to you there but a grief support group or a grief counselor might be a wise choice at this point.

Losing someone we love so dearly does often feel as if we are paralyzed, frozen in time. Reading about grief so that you understand it is another step you could take these days. Journaling helps and sharing your pain here will also help you identify and deal with some of those normal feelings you are having. Marty has a great on line course for the first year of grief. You might consider signing up for it. It is very helpful. http://www.selfhealingexpressions.com/course-52.html

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Dear Kay Thank you so much for your comments , I am so sorry for loosing your father and husband , I did not know loosing someone who we live what is meant.... I thought it will not around my family never ever but unfortunately it came suddenly and picked my father , now I have a deep feel with what is meant , it is really horrible .

I will try to follow your instruction and I hope to hear my voice..... in medical board in Iran

Dear Mary

Thank you so much for your taking care, God bless you, I really need it and I should accept that I have heavy pain ..... on my shoulder

I did not want to accept that I need help due to I was so strong and nothing could not break me such as loosing my father...

I did not know how his role is important to me and he is my major pillar in my life , he accepted me how I was.

Now I just tilt my brain that he is alive and he sit in his room , I do not dare to open his room to see his vacant seat due to it burns me.

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Dear Mahsa,

You are welcome. Accepting help is one of the key pieces to healing the pain of your loss. It takes more strenght to reach out for help than to walk it alone. Getting help is a sign of strenth and I know you feel broken. Loss breaks our hearts and your pain and brokenness is a sign of your love. It is not a sign of weakness. It is normal to have all the feelings you have right now. The pain is a sign of love. Walk through it. Masking the pain does not heal it. It is still there waiting for you to walk into it.

If you are on medications from mini strokes, please contact your physician about any prescription drugs you are using.

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