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Has A Month Really Passed

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The calendar says a little over thirty days have passed.My feels like it has been three. I would like to tell you about my sweet Kermit.He loved music and actually played the guitar, harmonica , keyboard and the autoharp. He loved fishing and just being outdoors. He was a good cook thus I now have to learn to do this again after 21 years. He had such a joy for life and a love for our Lord Jesus. He taught me that I was worth something and was very special to him.When I met him I was a broken mess. Through his love he showed me how precious and treasured I was. He never met a stranger they were just someone he hadn't met yet.

When we got married he was my third husband and I was his second wife. I had just a year before lost my second husband to cancer. We had only been married a year before he died. Kermit showed me what love really was. He bought me my wedding gown because I never had on with my previous weddings. At our engagement dinner he bought me my dress, shoes and jewelry. He said he wanted me to feel special. I have felt that way for 21 years. Now you all know a little bit about my sweetheart.

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Your sweetheart sounds very special, someone i would have loved to meet. I live in God's country, where camping, hunting, and fishing abound. (My George didn't hunt, he couldn't kill a deer, but he loved fishing, camping, and hiking as health permitted) Trails galore, to bike or hike to your fancy! I just came from choir practice (practicing our Easter Cantata) where we had piano, organ, cello, and flute accompanying us, we would have had room for him to play along!

I have been married four times, and NONE of them were like my George! Other men may try to rule or keep you from spending $, but my George loved nothing more than to give, and I could never outgive him. He was never controlling, he loved to watch me doing my stamp art because it made me happy. I think sometimes my happiness was his...I know his was mine as well. I'm glad we both had someone so special for a while...I wish it could have been longer, but we'll be together again.

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Kay, I assure you that your happiness was indeed George's. I assure you that because Mary's happiness was mine.

Brnagn53, the same goes for you and your husband.

I'm so sorry...



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