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Since this subject has been brought up on this forum, I'm assuming it's okay to post with a few questions about others experiences with an A/C.

I have tried several times over the years to work with an A/C to connect with dogs that have passed away. I would say I have tried probably 5 or 6 different ones. Of those, none said ANYTHING that remotely seemed to relate to my dogs. I would truly like to believe in this and I'm thinking if it's going to work, it should work with Allie, who I had a special bond with.

I just wondered if anyone could share any experiences they have had as far as what made them feel that they, or the A/C, was truly communicating with their dog as opposed to just hearing general things from the a/c ("She is so happy to see you. She is so happy now - she's running around, etc.") I guess maybe I'm looking for something that would instantly tell me it is truly Allie - not something so vague that it could apply to ANY dog.

Any feedback appreciated.


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