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Stringing The Light Together


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Healing comes by stringing the light together, one at a time. You won't feel like you're pursuing light, you won't even see it as light. It may all feel like darkness, but when you choose to meditate and clear your mind for 5 minutes, one light goes on in your soul, no matter how small. When you take a restorative Yoga class, another one goes on. When you walk in the woods instead of staring at the ceiling, another goes on. You probably won't see it as light, you'll see it as an act of desperation, survival. When you touch a horse, read a book about spiritual growth, read a holy book, learn about angel stones, you are stringing light together in your soul, even without your awareness. In between each light there may be darkness, hold it, weep, feel it. But if you keep stepping out of the darkness, soon the collective light starts shining brighter and you feel it, you see it and you move from surviving to thriving.


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