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It's been 5 months since Tammy suddenly passed away. It's so hard to believe she is gone. My life will never be the same, obviously... how could it? The best and most wonderful part of my life is gone. Tammy was what I lived for... her love made me happy and her being in my life made me a better person.

I think about March 6th, 2015 and I simply don't understand. I mean, this was supposed to be a good day. The snowstorm had ended and the sun was shining. I got up early to shovel the snow and clean it off the car so I could get to the store and get food and Tammy's meds. Before I left to go to the store I asked Tammy if she would be ok while I was gone (I always asked that question) and she said yes.

When I got back home Tammy was sleeping comfortably. I decided to make a special dinner. I also was setting up stuff in our "exercise room" for Tammy. We ate lunch and watched some TV. Then Tammy said she was getting tired and went back to sleep.

But in a matter of a few hours, Tammy was gone. It's just so incomprehensible. Sure I know that Tammy had been through more medical ordeals then anyone should ever go through. Sure I knew her health wasn't great. But how could Tammy be gone? She had that incredible smile and laugh and that spirit for living. I just don't understand.

Tammy was an amazing and perfect wife to me. She accepted me for who I am. She loved me with everything she had and I loved her with every fiber of my being.

Tammy will always be my inspiration and my one true love.

I love you Tammy, forever and always.


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Oh Mitch, I know how you miss Tammy, my heart breaks for you! I do understand, because it's how I've felt. George was also MY everything and had so much zest for life, it's hard to understand how he could just be gone! But he isn't gone...he's somewhere else, somewhere I'll get to be someday, I just have to hold out for that. Sometimes it's hard "doing our time" here, waiting...

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