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Three weeks on - Grandad visits me

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Hello everyone

I had a wonderful experience which I must share with you all to show you that those who have passed on from this world are at peace.

I lost my Grandad on September 2nd after a three year battle with cancer. I was knocked back quite a lot by his loss and I really did question why my lovely, gentle Grandad was taken from me. 

I had heard about the spirits of loved ones visiting those left behind in dreams but I wasn't sure how much of it I really believed. Until today.

Last night I had the most wonderful dream. It was very brief, probably no more than a few seconds at most, but it was very vivid and unforgettable. In it, I saw Grandad sat at the head of a big table with my Nan and many other family members. The sign that I know it was really Grandad was the fact that other family members who have passed away were also sitting at the same table. Grandad was happy and smiled the whole time. He looked just like he did before his cancer overtook his body. He didn't say much but I told him I love him and he hugged me very close then he sent me on my way again. As I turned back to take one last look, I saw Grandad still smiling and waving at me. Then I woke up and realised that today is exactly 3 weeks since he passed away. When i opened the curtains the sun was shining and it's a beautiful day here. Also, another sign that I know it was really Grandad is that I have a big photo frame in my room with about ten photos in it. One of them shows Grandad and that particular photo is the only one in the frame that has fallen down out of place. There are so many coincidences involving my Grandad to not make my dream real. 

I am so happy that he came to me and it was wonderful to see him happy and healthy again. Best of all is knowing that he is now at peace and not suffering anymore. 

I hope my experience gives everyone hope and reassurance that those you love dearly have now found peace and an end to their pain. I hope this can help in some way however small towards healing your own pain from your loss. It has definitely helped me alot and I'm not worried or sad or lonely anymore now that I know my Grandad is absolutely fine.

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I am so glad you had this experience, and thank you for sharing it with us.  Even for those who haven't had such dreams/events, it brings consolation, because it's just that much more proof of their continuing existence, their caring and trying to reach out to us.

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Hey Tom, I've had dreams about my Mom since she died last July, but in my case they were more about how deep my connection was with her and how her life was so important to me. The old saying, "you never know what you had till it's gone" is a profound truth. I think the love that runs deep is sometimes unnoticed in day to day goings on. But when that person is removed from your life, how much of a connection really become apparent. My Dad died in 2005. I've had dreams about somehow he came back to life and was living at times with us and others in his own house. What strikes me about those dreams was he was a completely different person. His personality was very different, more subdued, quiet,unlike how he really was.


Being by my Moms side when she passed, it made me realize that at every moment, we are all fighting to stay alive, though we don't notice it. Our bodies are constantly trying to stay healthy, repair itself, our immune system always trying to protect our life. But at some point, like in nature, our bodies naturally shut down. At that point, people can be suffering from the physical pain and fear of the unknown. But it's a natural  part of the life process.  Though I wish she was still here, I understand it had to happen, she had to leave. Her body could no longer support her physical existence. I would imagine the relief she must have felt getting out. Dreams are really powerful experiences.

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