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Thru A Forest


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Thru A forest of mangled trees,

darkness all around,

crushing, heaviness of the cold wet air snatches my breath away.

All is silent

I hear only the sound of my heavy footsteps,

as they pound on the frozen ground.

I run for awhile, trying to reach the other side.

Hoping soon I will break thru the death shroud of the forest.

To see the sun.

I fear that there is no end to the forest.

The sun is dead.

My pace has slowed, but still I must go on.

My breathing is labored.

My chest about to explode.

My body and mind are exhausted.

I stop to rest, to gather my strength.

I gaze down at the ground,

and there are the frozen tracks,

from each time I have passed before.

Dont go to sleep.......you'll freeze to death.

Alone deep within the deep dark forest of grief.

by Debbie Foster 1/22/06


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Hi eaglesoaring,

I really loved your poem and I think it is wonderful that people like yourself share such great peoms with everyone on this website... I know that some of the peoms are not the person's who share them with us but the time spent to put them on this site is also wonderful... Take care Shelley

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