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So Many Years Ago, Seems Like Yesterday

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Feb 22, 1958, our wedding day. Seems like only yesterday we were young kids in love looking forward to that special day. Little did I know after all those wonderful years together that I would be here, on a grief website, pouring my heart out to warm, kind, strangers who feel my pain.

I had a wonderful married life with a man whos only joy in life was to make me happy. He was a wonderful dad to our 4 children and the best friend a person could have. He never asked for much, just always was there for me and our children.

We always talked about what we would do on our 50th wedding anniversary, little did I know that I would be alone, without him when the time came. 48 years ago we vowed to love, honor and cherish till death do us part and even though he is gone from my life, I still love, honor and cherish him and will until my life is over and I am with him again.



7/1/38 -10/20/04

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48 years ago! You spent a lifetime together...and it's never long enough when it's good. Yes, you will be together again, just hold on to that.

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