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Where Did It Go? Can I Get It Back?


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I typed a post and wanted to bold a word, so I clicked bold. The entire text went bold. So, thinking that if I click The B again it will undo what I just did. No way. I ended up with a "/B" in brackets. What does that mean? Can I get my original text back? It's just very frustrating to put so much thought and energy into something and then have it lost in cyberspace. I'm not someone that has an easy time putting my thoughts into words. This is not the first time it has happened either. Sorry for venting, but I had put some real thought and emotion into that reply.

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Oh, Bebekat, I am so, so sorry -- and can I ever relate! This has happened to me a number of times, especially when I was new to this method of communicating. I know it is incredibly frustrating, and it feels like yet another loss -- when your entire world already is filled with nothing but loss. I do not know why your message got lost in cyberspace, and I cannot tell you how to get it back. But here is something you might try, so that at least it won't happen to you again the next time. Open your word processing program (Word or Word Perfect) and type and save the content of your message there. Then, once it's saved, "cut and paste" it onto your "clipboard" -- then go into the forum where you want to put your post, just as you've always done, and using the Edit function at the top of your screen, simply "paste" it into the white space where you'd ordinarily type your post. That way, if anything happens to your text, you still can go back to your word processing program and retrieve it. I'd also suggest that you send a private message to Steve G and see what he would recommend. He knows a whole lot more about the mechanics of this computer stuff than I do. Again, I'm so sorry -- I truly do know how it feels to put your all into a response, only to have it disappear before your eyes. I cannot tell you how many times that used to happen to me. Now I always type out my responses first, and save them, before I add them to these forums.

Hoping this helps,

Marty T

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