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    I love working in my yard....mowing, trimming trees, planting flowers....LOVE IT! I'm a big Denver Broncos fan and love Nascar.

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    June 14, 2016
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    Hill Country Memorial Hospice, Fredericksburg, Tx

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  1. Cheryl J

    Jack the lurcher

    It will take awhile. Honestly I don't remember how long it took me before I stopped crying. Everyone is different. It will get easier as time passes though. Hang in there and reach out as much as you need!!!! Cheryl
  2. Cheryl J

    Jack the lurcher

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is losing a family member. I understand what you are going through. I had to have my 12 year old chocolate lab put down this past January. It was so hard and even today I still look for him sometimes. Grieve....cry....and remember. For me, it was helpful to have his ashes brought home. They are sitting in my living room along with his pictures. Everyday I talk to him. Hopefully you will find what works for you. Hugs.
  3. Marge, thank you so much for these words. The different stories are proof that no grief is handled the same. There is no rule book that says how we are supposed to grieve or that we are wrong in the way we grieve. Cheryl
  4. Cheryl J

    I literally feel like I am losing my mind

    My heart goes out to you Brianna. I have lost someone to suicide before and it's so very hard to understand. I would have nightmares about it. I hate to hear that you have to start all over again with a new counselor but I am glad that you have one to go to. I like to hear you are coloring and reading, even if you have to struggle through it...that's ok. You are making an effort to continue on. We are all here for you. Cheryl ???
  5. Cheryl J

    I literally feel like I am losing my mind

    Repeat as much as you need to. We are here for you!
  6. Cheryl J

    How Great thou Art

    Another one of our favorites!!!
  7. Cheryl J

    Tough Weekend

    Doing our own closure is the pits Kay!!!
  8. Cheryl J

    Go Rest High Daddy

    One of my favorites and dads too
  9. Cheryl J

    Tough Weekend

    For some reason this weekend I have been really sad over the loss of my boyfriend. I just wish I had a reason why it ended. I need closure.
  10. I'm really missing dad today. I found the pictures of me getting dad situated in the car. For 2 1/2 years I took care of him. It was hard but I can say I really miss that. I want him back. I want to be able to give him his medicine, making him meals, taking him to his doctor appointments, making sure he used his walker, pushing him around in his wheel chair....it's so odd that I miss those things so much.
  11. Cheryl J

    Rough night

    So glad to hear that you stood your ground. I know how hard that could be. Stay strong!! Cheryl
  12. One of my employees received a phone call today that her mother stopped breathing. She currently is on life support but is brain dead. They wanted to give all the family time to get here to say goodbye so they will be pulling life support in the morning. I am asking that everyone please keep her and the rest of the family in your prayers and thoughts. Just losing Dad in June I very much understand what they are dealing with right now and I hate that they are having to go through this. It breaks my heart. Cheryl
  13. Cheryl J

    New to site and falling apart

    Hi Kerry, first of all I am very sorry for your loss. I am glad though that reached out here. You are grieving so everything your a thinking and feeling is normal. I lost my dad in June and I feel the same way....why didn't I do this or what if I would have done that. The only thing I can say is you did what you thought was best at that moment. I know second guessing ourselves is very easy to do. I just discussed this with my therapist last week. There is no easy answer. Everyone grieves differently so don't feel like the odd one out of the family. Don't hold back your feelings. You are not alone. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Cheryl