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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words
  2. It has been 6 months and I am trying everything group grief counseling, church , dating ,excersise and nothing stops the hurt .If I stop to think of him I cry . I miss him sooooooo much he was my best friend and my person who never judged me and loved me unconditionally. This is the hardest thing to not have him here . I’m having a really hard time today maybe so I thought I would write . I’m not sure if I’m even using this site correctly? Sad 😞
  3. This is so hard to face the first Valentine’s Day without my Jordan instead of getting ready for dinner. We always had dinner on the 13th because restaurants are always less crowded. I got rid of some of his things it was so hard not to just put them all back . He would show up with roses and chocolate and a cute card . Here I am in bed at 5 pm sad and missing him . This is so so hard . I am fine one minute and a mess the next . Sometimes I just don’t think I can go on without him . But I know I have to . There are people who need me and count on me . He always said if he lost me he would be bereft. Well I guess that’s what I am now bereft 🙁
  4. My assignment for group next week is to bring in a photo that best represents my beloved Jordan. I can barely look at his photo without feeling depressed and missing what we had . I don’t know how I’m going to get through that meeting. Also I am the youngest one in the group every one is so much older and I’m 52 . Should I not go ? I’m so torn because everyone was so much older I felt like an intruder in a room full of grandparents and people that were married so long . Please advise? Any ideas?
  5. TONY


    I’m sorry I know just how you feel.There was just so much more living to do and dreams to make reality. My thoughts go out to you .
  6. Going to join a grief support group but I am so nervous. I’m not an outgoing person and don’t have many friends so I’m hoping it will help or at least get me out of my apartment. I know it can’t hurt .I don’t know how it will help but I’m going to try . Who knows .
  7. Well I made it through the holidays but it was not easy . Today is exactly 5 months to the day that I lost my Jordan.I still can’t believe he is gone and my memories of him are so clear and it’s still hurting he was my best friend and so perfect for me I will never have that again. No matter what I did or said He would always say I was his angel and beautiful no matter how I looked or felt . He would show up with roses just because he thought I needed roses . We had so much in common and no matter what we were both talking about the other understood. I hope and pray there is another life after death .I miss him and hope when my time comes I will see his kind smile and handsome face there to greet me. I know time will heal me but right now I just don’t feel it 🙁
  8. Just so sad today . I miss my jordan so much . He was my everything. My best friend and my partner. I miss him so much I don’t even want to get out of bed . I’m trying my best but I can’t see my future without him. I know holidays will be hard so I’m hoping it will pass .
  9. TONY


    I know how you feel and I am so sorry 😐🙁 IT really is so hard