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  1. Marty posted song for me under something uplifting please listen hugs to all!!
  2. This is a really good song! Music is and always will be my therapy love and miss you Kevin!
  3. Hi Mitch I to like you have not been on here very much I still remember how much you helped me when I first found this site in a week I hit year 4 hard to believe sometimes still feels like yesterday know that you are never alone Mitch take care
  4. Hello Andrew(Metal) I know you have gotten lots of great advice hear this site is amazing it really isI don’t know where I would be without this sites help and listening and understanding, let me start my saying I am so sorry for your loss I am so sorry you had to find this site I would never wish this journey on anyone, I am not on here much anymore I am going on year four of my journey but some days it still feels like yesterday I was not as young as you but still pretty young I lost my husband of 26 years four years ago when I was 46 life changed forever that day my life was never the same I lost him to drugs I am not gonna tell you it’s gets better with time it’s just becomes different your life becomes a different normal not one you asked for or wanted but it does, it’s not easy some days you just want to throw in the towel say why bother but the hope is that one day you are able to find some sense peace and be able to keep going with their love tucked away in your heart and mind forever all the advice you have gotten is amazing not much more I can offer I used to take it one breath at a time one thought at a time I still find it hard to picture my future sometimes but for whatever reason I still get up everyday blessed to of had the love I did some people never find a love like we have sorry for rambling know you are never alone it may be your journey but your never alone hugs to you Robin
  5. I am not sure who can offer advice to me but worth a try I just passed the three years mark of Kevin’s passing I have been seeing a man who is truly the kindest man I know he really does care about me and my family he has shown me that happiness is possible again, the problem in no matter how hard I try I keep falling back to Kevin I keep thinking that no one will ever love me like he did that it’s not possible I then get nervous and shut down alittle as far as letting him in to close I have been hurt a few times since Kevin passed I sadly learned that this world is nothing like it used to be as far a relationship and dating goes I feel out of my league, my one daughter keeps telling me she thinks her dad sent this man to me because they are so much alike in a lot of ways I know I care about him just feel stuck sometimes if anyone could offer any advice would truly be grateful 💜
  6. I am so sorry for your loss my heart goes out for why you are here I wish there was some way I could take all your hurt and pain away I am close to your age my husband passed away to a drug overdose 3 years ago I was 46 but no age is easy to loose the love you had yesterday was my three year mark and I actually feel worse today than yesterday but I know I will be dealing with this the rest of my life so I just ride the waves it is very hard to see people you are close to and care about trying to go on and do things again when you feel like the world should just stop but unfortunately it doesn’t I noticed myself yesterday looking at my children’s Facebook seeing if the posted about their dad for the last two years everyone did this year some didn’t and for a split second I couldn’t believe they didn’t I had to remind myself that it didn’t mean they didn’t care or not love or remember him they always will but they need to live again to the best of their ability my Kevin would want that for us all we all need to find our way on this long road ahead of us I am so sorry for your loss hugs 💜
  7. Darrel thank you so much for your kinds words I was in this group for the first year of my loss and everyone truly did help me with getting through the tough times I remember when you joined I am not on here as much anymore I guess to a degree I have found my way I still feel all the emotions I felt when Kevin first left but it doesn’t consume my life anymore I am able to smile and be happy again something I never thought possible and I do it with Kevin in my heart every step of the way you were absolutely blessed to have 41 years of love with your Cookie 💜
  8. I totally agree when I would look for signs would never see them it’s when I stopped looking I would see them it’s like he knew when I needed it most my heart truly goes out to you to everyone who is here 💜
  9. I never thought when I first met Kevin when I was 18 that at 48 years old old I would be saying three years without him, it still sometimes doesn’t feel real I see his smile hear his voice , look at our seven kids and 8 grandkids and see him in them, when he first passed away received signs all the time from him butterflies where they shouldn’t be him showing me that he was still there, three years later the signs are few and far between I think it’s because he knows I will be ok I still cry and miss him and my heart still feels empty sometimes but it doesn’t consume me anymore can say that still feel that heartache when here couples together for 40 plus years still think that should have been us it was going to be us but someone had other plans for me and Kevin I would never change anything what I feel is the price I pay for loving with my entire soul and I am blessed some people search a lifetime for that and never find it so I will get through today with sadness and love in my heart because today is just another day of missing him my new normal!! Love to everyone 💜
  10. I remember those month markers so well thinking one more month without Kevin it felt like forever yet felt like it just happened not knowing if could handle one more day one more second without him I truly believe that Bob is with you still he will be with you always in your heart whenever you feel low look to your heart and remember the love, remember the joy and maybe just maybe eternity won’t feel so long hugs 💜
  11. I am so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you I know nothing I say will ever bring back the one thing you want your Bob I lost my Kevin almost three years ago I could not see a future, I didn’t want a future without him he was my world I wanted the past no part of the new nightmare I was living I wanted my world back, it is not an easy road it’s full of pain and feeling lost and empty but the hope is in finding a way to keep going to keep moving on it takes time and everyone has their own grief journey for me I learned to forgive myself for any guilt I felt , I took one baby steps, I held on to our love and kept it inside me, when I was at my lowest I could hold onto that love to keep me going slowly I learned to smile again, I had had a love some people will never know and I was blessed and lucky to have him in my life for 26 years, I still cry and feel empty, I still miss him I always will but for me he is always with me in my heart guiding me through this new nightmare I hope one day you are able to find some peace in this new nightmare we never wanted hugs to you Robin💜
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