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  1. It's been close to 3 months the love of my life died unexspectatly still do t know how it actually happened are if they had a ceremony for him I'm in the dark and have know way of finding out it's been a lonely road I'm still so very angry at him for leaving me here and not being responsible and getting himself together for not caring about me enough to want to change his life and love me like I so love him I'm angry and upset and wanna scream .
  2. Thank you Gwenivere you are truly a blessing to me and I know many others thank you for your advise I will take it and make an appointment I Do need some help.
  3. Thank you it's the hardiest thing Iv ever been through and iv been through some horrific things ...
  4. Thank you so so much it feels good to get things of my chest I appreciate all of u with all my heart
  5. Well I'm trying I really am I havent gave up even though I wanted too so many times the pain I feel inside is literally feel as if I'm dieing slowly cant drive are go anywhere cause I break down and have a panick attack I cant eat certain food because I feel bad that you liked it so much and feel I shouldn't eat itt I cant smile cause I feel guilty I lay here still dieing inside crying ...I'm so lost still to this day dont really know what happened to my jesse now I heard they found him in a Bush cause he took fentenal I dont know what to believe I'm sorry Jesse I wasn't there for you I love
  6. Thank you ssf o very much MartyT had the same idea Imade a go fund me acct for Jesse so I can get a memorial bench and plaque ,also I'm get candels put a picture of him on it and everybody light it and send balloon up in sky at the same time and video everyone doing it and make a DVD thank you for ur kind words and suggestions I really appreciate it God blesd
  7. Ur right even if I could go to his grave are something to say good by I need that DC o bad
  8. Yes I believe that also about the grandkids I just hurts also thank you so very much for writing me back suzie u ffg ont know what that ment to me I thank God ur feeling doing better I pray I'm get that way my boyfriend of 3 years was found dead one day there next day not his name was Jesse I miss him so plz keep in touch suzie my prayers are with u plz keep me in yours also .thank you
  9. I lost my boyfriend of 3 years week ago and I know exactly how you feel alone crying sick to my stomach panic attacks hopeless devastated I really don't know how to cope how to ffg o much of anything but cry today I went out with my brother for a drive it was terrible all I did was cry my eyes out everywhere I looked was what used too be but was no more are ever be again I really don't think I'm make it through this and then to have his family ignore me not tell me when funeral is and worship his ex wife the mother of his daughter I cant stand it he absolutely hated her and they talk about
  10. Hi Tamara Sanders I just wanted you to know I truly understand what your going through I'm actually going through it myself my fiance of 3 years found dead and gone forever I'm here for u and would really enjoy talking too you about what were going through matmybebwe can help eachother in some way to get through this are at least cope with this devastation were left with I'm here for u my name is laura .God bless you
  11. another day feels longer and longer as they pass I want them to end but then night falls and it's the worse stillness ,quietness, loneliness and iv still not waken from this horrible nightmare I'll be stuck in tell I die I layed here looking for a sign again for a sound that you where here with me nothing ,nothing I see I feel nothing nothing but heartache ,pain and devastation ur ex wife is still at it trying to destroy and control every little thing I try to do for you shes still not done even though ur gone I hate that nasty bitch ,shes the one who took everything from u and sent you on thi
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