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  1. I realize this, but taken to extremes, it's virtue signalling. A photo is not going to make anyone sick or keep anyone well. Some of this annoyance in me comes from the self-absorbed "selfie nation" going on where people take endless photos of themselves for others' consumption, clicks, "likes" and so on. I'm not going to change my opinion about someone based on their use or non-use of a mask in a photo. In person, yes, otherwise it matters not a whit.
  2. I just meant people are taking selfies/headshots of themselves all masked up and then posting that as their Twitter icon or some other account photo, such as FB or something. Makes no sense to me. That's like being asked to wear your mask for your driver's license photo and then running around with that until it's time to renew the license. Take the thing off, photo, mask up and be about your business.
  3. Exactly. Theater of the absurd. I am seeing this more and more, on Twitter accounts, patient photos, user photos on other types of online accounts, etc. It feels like "window dressing." Bad enough we all have to do this masking around one another in real life, but masking for an online photo, where there's no harm of spreading You Know What? As I said, absurd.
  4. 🤣 You can't call them here. Too big a city. You'd be on hold forever. But no, they never got back to me, just delivered the item a day or two later. Today the digest said I could expect 5 mail items. I got two, and not one of the 2 look like the scanned images in the email digest. So I don't know... must be other factors at work delaying things.
  5. Gwen, I can second the Informed Delivery thing, and it is free. It's a slight hassle to sign up for the account but once you do, it runs smoothly. I signed up because I suspect my mail is going astray. I get the mail for the house after me in the route so I assume my mail is going elsewhere on occasion. Just the other day, I got the "Digest" that included a scanned image of an envelope from the utility company. It was a rebate payment I had been waiting for. It didn't show up in the mailbox that day or the next, so I was annoyed. So I logged into the account to see if I could find a way
  6. Ana, I hope my response (below) to this is taken as a re-frame of your comment, and not as anything like trivializing your feelings of pain around what you see on your social networks. I had my own 🙄experience with it this Valentine's Day. I wanted to say in response that we can be "evolved" in various ways and still have our moments of less-than-evolved feelings or thoughts. I catch myself doing it all the time. It's part of what makes us human, I think. Just the other day, I was working with someone who talks a lot about spiritual evolution and who teaches yoga and is a vegan. In
  7. Well, some good news at least... he sounds better today although still very de-conditioned due to sedentary lifestyle for so long. There was some concern about elevated creatinine which is a marker for kidney distress (something I got familiar with a long time ago when Mark first showed signs of illness), but now they put it together that the chest x-ray taken a few days ago for pneumonia used an injectable dye that stresses the kidneys, so now the issue is clearer. Still need to figure out the rehabilitation steps, and will be in the hospital awhile longer, I guess. But dialysis won't be r
  8. Let me add my best wishes and my thanks, as well. ☺️
  9. Thanks, Dee. I'm an only child so it kind of falls to me but I don't mind, and besides there are many relatives nearby or willing to come, although what with You Know What, who knows whether that's possible. As of today he's still in the hospital, and has trouble breathing when he lies down, so had a chest X-ray at 10 am, still waiting for answers when they called me at 4pm today. I have some ideas as to what is unfolding. 😯 He sounded alert, but somewhat breathless at times. I feel for my poor mother... I can feel what may be coming and my heart breaks. She's been having anxiety and ins
  10. no, they definitely aren't light subjects. he's doing somewhat okay, but short of breath and lower O2 saturation on exertion during occupational therapy in hospital, so that's a little worrisome but at least he's in the right place. The past year or so of enforced sedentary lifestyle, to keep off the feet, has resulted in reduced muscle tone and balance etc. it's a no-win. I hear you, Gwen, there is a lot of emotion attached to this house of mine but nevertheless, I feel ridiculous occupying it alone. Some of the dilemma is that external factors (increase in crime, reduced public safe
  11. thanks, Kay. No, just had been thinking of relocating closer by, but not live with. So now I don't know if this will delay my own move. Probably it will change my trajectory in some way. Ya know, I know people (friends, relatives, others) who move every 2 -5 years. I can't fathom uprooting myself like that. I've been here 20+ years. But it seems like I may have to. Thankfully I got rid of a lot of crap over the last 4 years and am down to the essentials and the nice-to-have, so I am miles ahead of where I was. But contemplating packing up and transporting it all makes me tired jus
  12. I haven't had much to say lately... more potential losses on the horizon have me kind of preoccupied. Long story short, my dad who is 75 and a lifelong diabetic, has had chronic foot issues for a while now, culminating in amputation of toes on one foot 2 weeks ago, after heroic attempts to fend off this outcome. The surgery site looks good, comparatively, but now he has developed pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital for it. He was tested for You Know What, but it was negative so that rules that out. But now my mom is talking about downsizing further to a more accessible home, and the
  13. I believe that is a pretty common sensation, and you will probably notice different feelings, different intensities, and certainly some physical sensations. There were times I expected to take off my shirt and find a hole in my chest. I went about 5 - 6 months feeling the most intense ache in my hands, forearms and shoulders. A massage therapist worked on me and she said she believed people store their grief in these same areas, which makes sense. So, again, you will probably notice a wide range of things, especially after 30 years. And, really, when you stop and think, it's been barely a
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