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  1. Do you qualify for Medicaid? In some states it's called Medical Assistance. If your situation applies, it might be worth checking into as it covers whatever Medicare does not. It might open a door somewhere down the line. And Kay's comment about subsidized housing/low income housing wait lists is solid. You at least would have something to fall back on for living space... eventually. People drop off the wait lists for lack of response, no phone, moved away etc. so you might see your name hop and skip right on up the wait list registry. At least that is often how is it in my state.
  2. They sure do. I noticed it in my physical body, and doubtless will do so, again.
  3. Knock on wood comes from an old superstition about faeries or spirits (sometimes called dryads) living in trees, and to knock on wood was to avert bad luck. If I remember right, before cutting a tree for wood fuel or lumber, it was customary to knock on the tree to wake up the spirit and let it have time to leave and go to another tree, so that cutting the tree wouldn't injure the spirit somehow. I took a class in comparative mythology and learned that there are a lot of beliefs, folk customs, superstitions etc about trees and the natural world in general. I think the saying evolved to knoc
  4. I have similar experiences as the two of you. 4 years ago yesterday Mark collapsed from what turned out to be septic shock. The morning of the day that it happened, I was impatient because he was feeling scared and anxious about something and I didn't take the time to find out. maybe he had a premonition that something was wrong. I wasn't patient with him as I wish I had been and then later that day, I got a call that he had collapsed and was sent to the hospital. That's when the nightmare really began. 😥
  5. That's really too bad. 🙁 People don't keep their word or even call to say, "I'm sorry, something interfered, let me make it up to you."
  6. I don't agree that this is in any way selfish. Caregiving is draining and exhausting and you're already depleted. From my own personal experience, I'd estimate your reserves are close to zero.
  7. Certainly! It covers a lot of ground. Take what you like from it, and leave whatever doesn't fit. He does make some good points that most can get behind, I think. http://drummerthesoulawakeblog.weebly.com/blog/thanksgrieving
  8. I'm sorry, Jim, those must be difficult and horrifying memories that keep coming up for you, with regret overlaying everything. Also, I'm pretty sure no one here would take offense at what you say. it's heartfelt and comes through clearly. I have similar regrets. There are times I remember being irritated or picking a fight about something, only to find, in retrospect, that i can't even recall what started it. Stupid. 🙄 I, too, remember Carrie's and Debbie's one-after-the-other passages. I once worked with a woman who died a month or two after her husband passed. She would say, "I
  9. I wish we had another way to say "Happy Birthday" when a person isn't in a place to feel it, for whatever reason. "Many happy returns" and things like that come to mind but there's still the enforced cheer and false front and compulsory positive attitude.
  10. Never intending to make light of this topic, not ever, but Marg, that is priceless. 😄
  11. I've been letting two longtime friendships drift, and it's been made worse by the pandemic. I'm not sure why it's somehow easier to just let them slide away. I'm finding this out, too, but as I said elsewhere, you can't make new old friends, so what do you do? (Rhetorical question) For the current pandemic, there are so many parallels to earlier pandemics that society didn't acknowledge or care about because it only affected a narrow segment of the population. Now, this one doesn't discriminate. Everyone is worried about it, or should be, but there are still some who don't care, or
  12. Ah, I knew I had this in my voluminous files... I feel like Dumbledore searching through his laboratory.
  13. Ugh, reading this drives me crazy because, here in this region, there would be the possibility of a care coordinator (depending on your ins/coverage) to go to bat for you, intervene, organize, make calls as needed, so it wasn't all on the person experiencing pain/ill health. Mark had one. She stepped in when there was an issue with medical ride service or other home-based services. What these clinics, hospitals and medical folks don't quite grasp is how, as you have indicated, the pain becomes all-consuming and leaves you no "disk space" in your concentration to juggle multiple matters that
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