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I never thought I would find comfort in an Insect but here I am doing so, Feb 15th,2017 I got a praying mantis. Weirdly enough it was a few weeks before my cat Tigger died. I have talked to him almost every day, I even sing to him. In the beginning,a whole new world and your welcome by moana. Are his favorites. I have been dealing with depression even more so since I found out our now 6 year old cat Prince has Kidney failure stage 4. His kidney is to far gone to be saved, but something positive happened last Friday. My Mantis Bugsey molted, getting his wings. They are deformed unfortunately. So he can't fly, he hasn't even tried to. He really has been my little angel.


This is a poem I wrote about our cat Tigger.



You came into my life 16 years ago,

Wanting a home,
we grew up together I told you everything.

You were there when I was hurt by a man,
when I had panic attacks.

Your fur covered in my tears as I cried,
and yet it always made me feel better.

The hole in my heart is painful,
your presence gone from this earth.

No words can describe how much ill miss you,
miss you crying to be fed.

Following me to fridge door,
stretching out when I rubbed my foot on your belly.

You were more then just a cat,
you were my best friend.

And even though were apart,
your love and comfort will always be in my heart.

adult bugsey.jpg

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Wow.  Your post, your poem, really touched me.  I can feel your capacity to love.  I am sorry for the loss of your Tigger, I understand you've been through a lot together.  It's so hard when they go.  I've lost so many but it seems the relationships I have with my animals just keeps getting deeper.

And now you have Bugsey.  I never knew you could have a relationship with a Praying Mantis, but it's good that he has you, especially since he can't fly.  Having you care for him is a blessing to him as much as it is to you.

Wishing you well...

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