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My Sweet Puppy is Gone


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I recently put down my beloved dog Chansey of almost 16 years. I was providing
extensive medical care the last 14 months for her renal failure. A few days ago I believed it was time to put her down, and I did. But now I am finding it very hard to live with my decision, I am second guessing myself, and seeing there may have been another path. Possibly reducing some blood pressure medicines to make her more alert and improve her quality of life. 

I just loved this little dog so much, words can not express it.

I work from home, so my Chansey was intertwined in my day to day life. My kids were either off to school or work as is my wife, so for years and years it was me and my Chance who spent most of our days together.


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I am so sorry for your loss.  Your little dog is adorable and I can easily see why you are feeling as you are.  It is common to second guess our decisions afterward...common but not necessarily helpful.  Sometimes I think we think the "what ifs" in a way to rewrite the ending, but the truth is, we did the best we knew to do with the knowledge given us at the time.  Nearly 16 years is a very long life for a dog, longer than any of mine have had, although I did have a lab mix make it to 15 years and a whippet who lived to be 14.  I could have let the whippet make it to 15 but at what cost?  She was going deaf, incontinent, crying in her sleep from pain, stumbling and falling, it was time, for her sake.  I could not justify keeping her alive longer for my own selfish reasons.  It was time to let her be in peace where she could wait for me to join her, where she could be restored to her youthfulness and enjoy her next life.  I like the saying, "All dogs go to heaven" because if anyone deserves to go there, it's our beloved dogs.

I wish you peace and comfort.



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Thank you for your kind words. My heart and mind say different things. Chansey had many issues and at that moment in time I decided to put her down I said her quality of life is not good enough for her to continue, But what I question now is if I would have made more of an effort, blood and urine tests to see if there were anything to alleviate those issues, maybe she'd last a few more months. The truth is I didn't expect to miss her as much or to hurt as deeply as I do.

"All dogs go to heaven", I pray that is true. I prayed everyday for a miracle to save Chansey and reverse the kidney failure.

Chansey is the love of my life, my heart and my soul. I have a hole in my heart that can't be filled.

I'm hoping time will heal my wound.




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I'm pleased to see that you've found your way to this warm and caring place, John. Here you'll find yourself among kindred spirits, animal lovers all. I hope you'll take time to read some of the articles recommended for you. Until it happens to us, I don't think any of us expects to miss our fur babies as much or to hurt as deeply as we do. It's a different kind of grief, that's for sure. Have you thought about any of the ways you could memorialize your Chansey? See, for example, Memorializing Pets We Have Lost (including the Related Resources listed at the end).

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17 hours ago, John10312 said:

"All dogs go to heaven", I pray that is true.

How could it be heaven without our dogs?!

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