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Years have gone by since my life changed forever.  I am now medicated and in therapy. My family has it with my obsession with ferrets, perhaps I am trying to fill in a gap in my life.  I still will not turn off my torch for my Chinook, they can't make me for I will never betray his memory.

I am getting better I feel and have done my last memorial video of Chinook, a milestone in my ongoing grief, 5 years later.

This is for you my Chinook.  Your life is being celebrated and I pray I will see you in Heaven and you will remember me.  My Nookie


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It's amazing how close we get to our pets..."pet" doesn't begin to do it justice, they are our companions and best friends, our interaction, love, entertainment, everything rolled up into one relationship!

I'm glad you're doing better.

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Dearest Tim,

Well, you had me weeping this morning, intently watching your latest tribute to your beloved "Nookie" (that's so cute!). I admire and appreciate both your skills & talents for such things, and especially your ongoing dedication to your love for Chinook, no matter WHAT anybody else says, or HOW they may label it. You and Chinook were fortunate to have each other on this plane, and if he "fill(ed) a gap" in your life/spirit/psyche, SO BE IT. Imo, that's no different than what any of us psychologically do during the course of our lifetimes, with whomever. What's more important (to me, at least) is that your heart had & has the capacity to open so widely to your fur-boy, and you did not fight that natural impulse to love someone as deeply and fully as you did. You allowed it all in, and that speaks volumes about you. :wub: The fact that your Nookie was not human only speaks loudly to me about how more evolved your own soul must be, to not put arbitrary limits on Love. As was so eloquently articulated by Anatole France...

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

"I still will not turn off my torch for my Chinook, they can't make me for I will never betray his memory."

I'm right there with you, Tim. These amazingly beautiful nonhuman souls DESERVE to be celebrated, and let no man put that asunder! Thank you for sharing your life with Chinook with us, again.

In Kinship,

Maylissa, Sabin, and Nissa

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