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Loss of grandmother and mother

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I am numb just from hearing your double losses. .  This place has helped me in those hours when I was in such shock and numb after my wife's sudden death.  I would call a pastor or a grief counselor, and/ or a trusted friend to help you in this moment.  As you continue, there are many helpful people here with tips, suggestions, and open ears and heart that are keenly aware of your loss.

Try to get some good sleep and take care of yourself. This grief takes a lot of energy.  Taking care of yourself is important to help you now. 

Welcome to the place  that none of us volunteered but we come to share, listen, and care for each other in a supportive way.  Please let us know how we can help you. Praying for peace and comfort for you - Shalom

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I am so sorry to hear this.... things like this should not happen.  May God bless both your Grandmother and your dear Mom... who died way too young.   Right now, you need to take care of yourselves... You dont' share much about yourself, I don't know if you're single, married, have a partner or are alone.  This is along to deal with.  Losing  a Mom is life shattering, but believe me, you can and will get through it, in time.   Do you have a church you attend?  If so, ask about grief counseling.  That saved me.. I met people who were able to understand my losses, and it helped so much.  Do you have children ?  siblings ?   I hope you have family members that you can share your grief with ... my thoughts and prayers are with you .... 

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@Christie  I am so sorry!  So hard to comprehend.  Did your grandmother's death have anything to do with you mom dying, or do you know yet?  Is your father there with you?

In the days ahead you will be busy with arrangements, etc., but once that is done, you will have time to think, and that is when it will really hit, often we are in shock at first.  I would, like George said, call a pastor, get some help going through this.  It's also not to soon to enlist the help of a professional grief counselor.  It's very hard to try to navigate grief by yourself, especially with a double loss.




Not sure if this is applicable because you didn't say if your parents were married still, but...

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