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  1. I just turned 65 last month and all that it entails. Dealing with Medicare decisions the last six months forced me to face my biological age. It has been over five years since, my beloved wife, Rose Anne, died, and I still miss her everyday. I'm weeping just writing this. I am also have an essential job and fortunate to still be able to work. Having a sudden heart attack six months ago rocked my world as well. I'm thankful I am still alive and there was no damage to my heart. I am trying to make the best of this situation in life and help others that suffer from diabetes. There is a hope and a future that the medical doctors never gave my wife. I cannot change the past. I can only hope to share to all who will listen that there is a hope and a future. Loneliness is the toughest part of this side of grief. I pray and think about you often. There were several of us thrust into this grief world involuntarily. Fortunately, Marty T provides a safe haven and great tools of recovery and dealing with this on a daily basis. Take care my friend. - Shalom (Peace)
  2. My Journey continues... May is usually the roughest month for me because of so many life events. You can scroll through previous years posts for that. This year as it is my sixth trip around the calendar without my beloved Rose Anne, I decided to just let the month of May roll in and out without much fanfare.... Well that was the plan anyway,. Just feel the feelings and keep moving forward. Of course May 1st was important because of having to making decisions about Medicare options, etc... I have never been reminded so much about my age or that focused on a number. I've decided I'll just hold at this age for the rest of my life. I went to my Cardiologist to get clearance for an elective surgery but the doctor wants to postpone it because of my stents and the medications. My Endocrinologist says my thyroid function is fine yet I still have some annoying symptoms. I am fortunate to be able to work . I installed my window air conditioner today as the temps went up into the 90's and it is 85 in the rest of the home. I will be able to sleep comfortably tonight. I hope to get my Home AC repaired soon! Life continues to march forward one day at a time and I strive to do my best each day. Stay safe everyone. Shalom (Peace)
  3. Does your oxygen machine have a humidifier? Oxygen dries out the sinuses and that is what causes it. When on a portable, a couple of shot of saline mist in the nose helps. - Take care - Shalom
  4. JimJim, In my early days and years of grief, I too searched for some reason, for some way to blame myself for my wife's death. If only I did this, if only I knew that, etc... I keep going over in my mind trying to find some way to blame myself so that I could hang on to a reason for her death. I love my wife, Rose Anne, beyond the limits I can put into words. Through this group, prayer, and my faith, I have come to understand that FEELINGS are not FACTS! Yet when examined can lead us to Truth. I was my wife's caregiver the last six years of her life. I learn to forgive myself for being a human, fallible and unable to perceive and keep everything working perfectly. I am not Sovereign and control everything. Life is not in my our our control. I had to learn to forgive myself and stop looking for someone or something to blame. My wife died five years ago while I was away at work. I wasn't home to save her. I miss her every day. ( Today is her birthday). I cherish all of the wonderful memories and experiences we shared together for almost 26 years. I pray you will find a way to forgive yourself for being human and loving your wife. You are worth it. Take care and I will be lifting you in prayer for healing your heart, mind, and soul. Take care- Shalom (Peace)
  5. Hi Metal, My heart grieves with you as I read and absorb your profound loss. Although our journey is different , I went through similar symptoms of grief, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, no energy, etc... Fortunately, I found this wonder group and safe haven of people who understand deeply the intensity of this grief. I reached out here, listened, asked questions, and just shared my life. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and at times even had trouble breathing. Everything looked hopeless and bleak. I took the advice and went to a doctor that prescribed a relaxer than would just calm my mind down so I could rest. I learned to take it one moment at a time and try not to look too far ahead. I called it "SHOCK and AWE". Your story shocked me. My beloved wife and best friend was just gone. The intensity of this grief will lessen over time. Marty has a wealth of resources to help us travel this grief journey. There are many here who know and understand what you are going through. There is also hope and healing alongside the grief. Take care of yourself, your body and your health. Grief takes more energy. We are all here for you as others were her for us. Most people don't understand the deep love, compassion, and sense of loss. I have learned to move forward and my beloved wife, Rose Anne, is with my in my heart, mind, and spirit. Your wife is with you too! Take care my friend. Shalom (Peace)
  6. Laura, My heart grieves with you. This is such a wonderful tribute to a beautiful soul. This pandemic has touched all of us in vast and unfathomable ways. Praying for peace and comfort for you as you traverse another grief walk. Please know we are here with you and lift you up. Shalom (Peace) and {{{ HUGS }}}.
  7. Checking in: Hello everyone! 👋. I am fortunate to be able to work through this pandemic. I never imagined my home cleaning business would be thought of as an "essential " service. I take extra precautions and up until two weeks ago, I hardly saw any clients as they were away working. I have only lost a few cleaning jobs. I am blessed. Health has been a challenge this month with my hernia and now some leg issues. I am trying to delay doctors visit until May 1st when Medicare kicks in. I have had a few hiccups but have managed to get them resolved. My health insurance cost will go up $250 a month in May. Medicare is neither simple or cheaper. I have never really paid attention to my age until now with all of these constant reminders. I was able to get my medicine at a reasonable cost $50 month verses $450/month. But , there are still a few more hoops to jump through to get that resolved. Stay safe everyone and have a blessed Easter. - Shalom (Peace)
  8. Hi GinGin, Welcome to our wonderful group. My heart grieves with you as you go through this loss and grief of your beloved Keith. We are the survivors and the one left behind as a result of our partners death. We survive simply just one moment, one hour, one day at a time. I was in such Shock and AWE from my wife's death and these wonderful group of people listened, shared, and cared for me on this grief journey. It is comforting to know that we are not alone and that others understand, empathize, and care for one another. My wife, Rose Anne, and I were married for 25 years and together 26. We were inseparable until the day she passed. There will be others to welcome and say hi with some tips and suggestions. What you are feeling is real. I had a difficult time concentrating, sleeping, eating, focusing on a task, and even breathing at times. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Feelings are just that feelings. Drink plenty of water, try to eat nourishing food, and get plenty of sleep to rest and restore. Grief takes a lot of energy. Thank you for sharing with us and let us know how we can help you. - Shalom (Peace)
  9. I just had another UTI from this medicine I suspect. I am curious how a televisit is going to work for a UTI. I had blood in my urine and you could take a photo of that. Fortunately, I call my Dr and he just refilled the script without a doctor's visit in this COVID19 climate. It is very uncomfortable pain. Praying they order some medicine for you soon. Shalom (Peace)
  10. My heart aches for you as you are forced to go through this. You are not a terrible human being. Your experiences have etched a scar in your psyche. Death is not something that we can just get over and move on. My life is not any better because Rose Anne died five years ago. It is profoundly different. We can't undo or change what has already happened. I have had loneliness and isolation since. It is a private thing. It's not something I let others see. My understanding is that masks are not required to be worn unless you suspect you have a cold or the virus. The hardest part for me is to not touch my face with my hands. I wear gloves all the time when I am working or going shopping for groceries. I will be praying Peace and comfort for you during this current National Pandemic - Shalom ( Peace)
  11. Adorable picture and a treasured memory. I remember my Mom telling me about "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean" as a children story. I loved to hear my Mom read. She instilled in me the desire to read and learn everything I can. Thanks Marg - Shalom (Peace)
  12. My cost will be similar to yours! I signed up for Plan G $ 112, Part B $145, Part D $ 13. The $1,400 deductible for Medicare Part A is Covered with my Plan G ( MEdi-Gap Plan) . There is a $200 Deductible for Medicare Part B and then every thing else is covered except the Drugs. Yes, there is no deductible for Tier 1 & 2 Drugs. My Heart medicine is Tier 3 so the $435 deductible applies. There is some gap thing After $4,000 in drugs are paid which shifts my cost to 25% of the cost of drugs. I may also qualify for supplemental care due to my low income... I received my Medicare card Saturday ( how can I be this old??) It is a strange juxtaposition in life now. Another surprise! Because I filed for Medicare, Social Security informed me that I have some small monthly benefit from work back in 1997!. I contacted the firm and TODAY they just transferred the plan to another trust company so the funds are frozen for a month. Take care everyone! - Shalom
  13. My understanding is that PART D can not be signed up through Medicare system but rather the various Drug/insurance plans. When I receive my medicare card # then I can apply for the rest of the program. The medicare broker said they have the lowest Part D plan annual costs yet I stumbled on another one that cut my costs by $200. I am still trying to get this expensive drug through another program but the doctor has not filled out the necessary paperwork to get processed.... There seem to be always a struggle doesn't there. Once approved it would only cost $50 per month. - Shalom
  14. Yes, any doctor that accepts original Medicare. The $1,400 deductible is for a hospitalization. I looked at the networks but they get real restrictive and I lose my pre-existing condition exemption once I choice an Advantage plan. What bugs me is Medicare does not allow us to use coupons from the Drug manufacture companies. It seems like a rigged system. IMHO - Shalom
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