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  1. In my continuing quest to pursue my dream of be a pilot. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and joined the Planet Fitness Gym. After the first week of just trying different equipment, I scheduled a session with the fitness trainer to learn what is the basic level of fitness and exercise that everyone should be able to perform. I was so disappointed to find out that although I have a physical job that I am terribly unfit. After picking myself back up from that blow. You see I have Insulin Resistance and low thyroid function. I have lost 145+lbs and maintained that for the last six months. However, I still have excess fat. I tried several different biohacks to improve my health and I have improved my sleep hygiene, aligned with my natural circadian rhythms, supplement the needed vitamins and minerals the scale and body physique hasn't changed. I researched and discovered that by doing weight resistance training that this will reduce my Insulin Resistance and continue on my fat loss quest. I work out about an hour every other day along with my regular work. Last week, I got the UNUSUAL notion that my body wants to work out every day. I was shock because for exercise has been a four letter word. I redesign my workout program again and now work out every day for about an hour. I see constant improvements in my strength, energy, and mood. i stay slightly sore all the time and I push it to my limit while not going over board. On the elliptical I could only go for five minutes i have gradually increased to 20 minute on level one and have no progressed to level two. (There are five levels) After I have reached that goal then I plan to do my own brand of HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) on the elliptical. I share all of these to give hope to everyone that there is always hope even when you feel like there is no hope. Just after my wife, Rose Anne died, I couldn't imagine living a day without her. It was not my choice in the matter because I am not in charge. I have learned some lessons along the way and continue on this grief healing path. I could imagine that my dream of wanting to learn to pilot a plane, lose 145+lbs of excess fat that i carried for over 20 years. or that I would be joining the gym and pursuing healthy fitness goals. It is never too late to start living today... One Day at a Time. - Shalom
  2. Thank you for asking Gwen. It helps me to know that God is in charge (Sovereign) over everything. His word says that not even a bird falls from the sky without his knowledge and approval! and that we are worth more than many sparrows. The Faith that I have in God has been tested and proved to me. His word says that whey you seek God earnestly , then you will find him. It was hard for me to accept Rose Anne's death because it was not my plan. Many people get angry with God because life doesn't turn out the way they expected. God doesn't promise a perfect life. He promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us. This is where I learned that "FEELINGS are not always the FACTS!" but they do lead me to the truth. My faith and prayer is simple, " Lord help me". I realize that I am not the strongest and it is in my weakness that God can show His strength. Questioning about life, has led me to this understanding. SHALOM (God's Peace) is what sustains me through this and every trial. I still love and miss Rose Anne every day. We all learn how to cope with the trials and challenges of life. This place is a great haven to learn and understood by those around us here who love and deeply care for each other. My continuing prayer is that you will find what you are searching for and gain that PEACE no matter what trial you have to face. I still get scared, angry, sad, melancholy, etc. None of us is perfect because we rely on Christ for our salvation and redemption. We are all still sinners striving to sin less against God as we progress on our paths. We are all striving to learn, listen and follow. {{{ HUGS}}} 😉 Shalom
  3. iPraiseHim

    Losing Jim

    I have been thinking about the same thing about being alone as I get older. As you know, family dynamics have changed and I am no longer in the loop. We live in such interesting times. We were assured by our last President that NO ONE will be rationed out of medical care and services based on age, income, net worth, or ability to work and yet the FACTS are different than what we were promised. KayC, My prayers and thoughts are with you as you traverse this journey. Shalom
  4. Before I met my wife, I was alone and lonely for many years. I tend to be an introvert and didn't really socialize. I wasn't a drinker or party animal and I fell into some real destructive eating behaviors as my way to cope with it. Through some counseling and getting out of my comfort zone, I learned to discover what are my interests. I prayed that God would give me Peace whether I was single or in a relationship. A few years later I met Rose Anne. Our friendship, love, and marriage lasted for almost 26 years. I cherished each day and know how blessed I am to find a mate that loved me as I was. Our love bond grew stronger every day. I don't know if that will happen again now but still I strive to be at PEACE with whatever circumstances life finds me. I will not settle for someone just to be in a relationship. My prayer is the same as before. To be content no matter the circumstances. Death can really suck the life out of you if you let it. Each day we need to choose "LIFE" even if it is not the life we dreamed or imagined it to be. There is a reason for this struggle and I'll be sharing what I have learned and I continue to learn on this grief healing journey. Shalom
  5. It has been almost a year since I have regularly posted on this specific topic of my journey through grief and healing. Next month it will be four years since my beloved wife(Rose Anne) died. This past year has been full of reflection, and real acceptance of her death. The time line is different for everyone of us and it has been full year of introspection. The loneliness and accepting the reality of all this is what my mind wrestles with daily. Irregardless, life continues to march on one day at a time. Initially, I was certain I was going to die from a broken heart but apparently it just felt that way. The purpose in resuming this topic is to express and show to others that come here that there is life after death for those of us that are still living. My wife loved movies and memorizing certain dialog. In the movie, "Shawshank Redemption", the character says... "Get busy living". I couldn't see or comprehend even how to do that. This forum , helped me and many of us to deal with this grief and given us tools, friends, and fellowship for us. None of us knows what the future holds but some of us do know who holds our future. Search for and discover your path, and begin to use the tools that we are given here. I plan to share what positive changes are happening on my grief healing journey and hope to encourage you to do the same. Shalom
  6. I am sad to hear of your health news. I downloaded the book, "Paleo Thyroid Solution by Ells Russ and just began reading it. You can find it on Amazon Kindle version for $10. I still struggle with thyroid issues and realize I need to work on it to improve my health. I will share with you what I learn. Most doctors do not run the full thyroid panel because they only know to treat the thyroid with drugs. I started to work out at the gym last month for the first time in over 30 years. I started out slow every other day and asked for instruction from a trainer. He showed me the basic exercise and movements any person should be able to do. I was thoroughly discouraged because I thought I was in good shape with the physical job that i have. I decided to just grow where I'm planted and have been steadily progressing with my strength, balance, core, and resistance exercise. I also use the elliptical for cardio. I have progressed to the point were i WANT to go to the gym every day. I am so surprised by this change. I have noticed my mood is better, and my energy and drive is improving. I do everything in small baby steps. Building on one step at a time. Today I will be up to 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Next I will begin to incorporate HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) on the elliptical. I share this with you Gwen, in the hopes that you can find something to live for to pursue life. All of us has a purpose even beyond the point of our spouse/loved ones. Just hang in there and hold on. Many people here love and care about you and want the best for you. Your sharing ha helped others in this group and your volunteer work. I continue to pray and intercede for you daily. {{{ HUGS }}} Grace - Shalom
  7. Gwen, I have hypothyroidism and that does complicate life, moods, thoughts, etc... My Dad (86) smoked two packs of cigarettes for over 40 years. After trying to stop several times he was successful and has not smoked for over thirty years. His lungs are good. Anytime we change a habit our body goes through an adjustment period. The Herxheimer Reaction - (Feeling worse before feeling better ). The body is getting rid of toxins and it makes your body feel bad. I went through that when I switched my foods to a very low carb diet to treat my obesity and Insulin Resistance. It will get better over time. In regards to the hypothyroidism. Most doctors do not know how to adequately treat it. They treat the symptom but do not know what really causes it or how to fix it. www.stopthethyroidmadness.com is a good place to start. Also, this last summer, I have started to do some additional bio-hacking to optimize my health. Sun/Light exposure is critical to set our Circadian Clocks to heal and restore our sleep. In the winter, most of us do not get enough sunlight or Vit - d which affects our hormones, moods, sleep. health, etc. I take additional Vit D3/K2 and have noticed an improvement. This afterlife is not easy or pleasant, yet after watching my Dad go through a fall, hip surgery and recovery, I realize I need to take care of my health. I too, don't have anyone else to call on or rely upon. I count my blessings that I do have and strive to have something to look forward to each day. i pray you find what will give you the same sense of purpose. Grace - Shalom
  8. iPraiseHim


    There is a way for you to make a complete backup of the Windows 11. I will research it and get back to you. I've done it. Because now the Motherboards have the instructions embedded in them. The whole system is designed to make jobs for computer techs so we can't do it ourselves. Just like it is very difficult to perform your own car repairs. - George
  9. Yes. All of your thoughts and feelings are normal. I still experience them now. Commercials, music, calendars, etc.. are all triggers for me. The beauty of this group is that we all understand and grieve with you as the survivors of the deaths of our loved ones. My mother, brother, and beloved wife have all died. Christmas used to be a happy and festive time but now it is just different. Your recent loss of your father is still so fresh and raw. The first year, after my wife died was the roughest. Life was forever altered. Now I am still learning to adjust, adapt, and accept the feelings as they come. I continue to strive to just feel the feelings and let them pass through. The intensity of this pain of grief will lessen over time and as we learn some valuable grief tools and resources that are available here. I remember you and your posts. They helped me during me deep pain, sorry, and grief. Praying for you, God's Peace, Rest, and Assurance. - George (Shalom)
  10. iPraiseHim

    Solitary Grief

    I choose to be alone this Thanksgiving. It will be my fourth year without my beloved. The family dynamics have changed dramatically this year and I feel less stress just being with myself. I just don't want to pretend. I plan to work out at the gym. Do an office cleaning and then go to Golden Corral for a Thanksgiving meal. I choose what I want to eat that fits my palate and way of eating I have been following for a year and a half. This after life without my beloved here is only half as bright as it was. I have much to be thankful for. My improving health, losing 145lbs of excess fat and maintaining. My quality of sleep has improved. I am still able to work and have a good home. I have joined a gym and started to increase my body tone and strength. I press forward to keep learning, growing in this life. "Feelings are not FACTS" is the mantra that I keep learning and sharing. Feelings are not to be ignored, stuffed down or forgotten. But for me, they are a catalyst to drive me to discover what these feelings reveal and point me to TRUTH. The toughest part is to not have my beloved here now, sharing and loving me back in physical form. Yet, I know she loves me deeply. The loneliness and intimacy of that love is the toughest to deal with. I am blessed to experience that special love that few people know. My prayer for all of us is that we search and pursue this journey through this valley of grief and find our healing path. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. - Shalom
  11. Darryl, I have no clue how you took what i said as a personal attack. I was agreeing with you. Your post reminded me of my own nature so by your own words, I must be the village idiot. I was commiserating WITH YOU. I meant no harm or offense. This post response will cause me to hesitate, reflect, and probably not respond in the future, even when I AGREE with someone. We are all traversing this grief path. I have followed you and supported you from your first post years ago. There are times when I have mistaken what people say, write, or post. I am saddened by your response and I ask for your forgiveness. 😧 "One foot in front of the other"... - George- Shalom
  12. The nerd in me... I found an app that calculated the days. I haven't even looked at it in a while... 1320 days, 3 years, 7 months 12 days. ... I don't feel any better knowing this. I didn't think I could survive one day after her death. 😢
  13. For immediate relief for leg cramps is to rub some Magnesium Oil(Magnesium Sulfate flakes and distilled water) on the affected area. It is usually a sign of Magnesium deficiency. If you have Epsom salt you can make some up and it works just not as fast. If you can soak in a bath or put a wet compress of the solution will help just before you go to sleep. I used to get leg cramps and my wife, too!. You can buy on Amazon or a local health food store. I make my own (easy) because it is more cost effective. Bananas are high in sugar which drives up your insulin. A better choice is to eat an avocado. It has better nutrients. - George - Shalom
  14. iPraiseHim

    Goodbye to my fur family

    Marita, I am so pained that you have to go through this. Horses are another one of God's beloved creatures that speak love to us without saying a word. I remember, a client's horse ( a Friesian), that would stop, turn around, look and follow my wife when we were outside of their home. She always wanted to own a horse and I was not able to provide that for her. Please know that I will pray and intercede for you as you grieve yet another loss on this journey you travel. 😭- George - Shalom
  15. iPraiseHim

    My Allen

    I also use peppermint oil when my sinus gets stuffy. Also good for alertness during the day. - Shalom