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  1. Hi GinGin, Welcome to our wonderful group. My heart grieves with you as you go through this loss and grief of your beloved Keith. We are the survivors and the one left behind as a result of our partners death. We survive simply just one moment, one hour, one day at a time. I was in such Shock and AWE from my wife's death and these wonderful group of people listened, shared, and cared for me on this grief journey. It is comforting to know that we are not alone and that others understand, empathize, and care for one another. My wife, Rose Anne, and I were married for 25 years and together 26. We were inseparable until the day she passed. There will be others to welcome and say hi with some tips and suggestions. What you are feeling is real. I had a difficult time concentrating, sleeping, eating, focusing on a task, and even breathing at times. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Feelings are just that feelings. Drink plenty of water, try to eat nourishing food, and get plenty of sleep to rest and restore. Grief takes a lot of energy. Thank you for sharing with us and let us know how we can help you. - Shalom (Peace)
  2. I just had another UTI from this medicine I suspect. I am curious how a televisit is going to work for a UTI. I had blood in my urine and you could take a photo of that. Fortunately, I call my Dr and he just refilled the script without a doctor's visit in this COVID19 climate. It is very uncomfortable pain. Praying they order some medicine for you soon. Shalom (Peace)
  3. My heart aches for you as you are forced to go through this. You are not a terrible human being. Your experiences have etched a scar in your psyche. Death is not something that we can just get over and move on. My life is not any better because Rose Anne died five years ago. It is profoundly different. We can't undo or change what has already happened. I have had loneliness and isolation since. It is a private thing. It's not something I let others see. My understanding is that masks are not required to be worn unless you suspect you have a cold or the virus. The hardest part for me is to not touch my face with my hands. I wear gloves all the time when I am working or going shopping for groceries. I will be praying Peace and comfort for you during this current National Pandemic - Shalom ( Peace)
  4. Adorable picture and a treasured memory. I remember my Mom telling me about "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean" as a children story. I loved to hear my Mom read. She instilled in me the desire to read and learn everything I can. Thanks Marg - Shalom (Peace)
  5. My cost will be similar to yours! I signed up for Plan G $ 112, Part B $145, Part D $ 13. The $1,400 deductible for Medicare Part A is Covered with my Plan G ( MEdi-Gap Plan) . There is a $200 Deductible for Medicare Part B and then every thing else is covered except the Drugs. Yes, there is no deductible for Tier 1 & 2 Drugs. My Heart medicine is Tier 3 so the $435 deductible applies. There is some gap thing After $4,000 in drugs are paid which shifts my cost to 25% of the cost of drugs. I may also qualify for supplemental care due to my low income... I received my Medicare card Saturday ( how can I be this old??) It is a strange juxtaposition in life now. Another surprise! Because I filed for Medicare, Social Security informed me that I have some small monthly benefit from work back in 1997!. I contacted the firm and TODAY they just transferred the plan to another trust company so the funds are frozen for a month. Take care everyone! - Shalom
  6. My understanding is that PART D can not be signed up through Medicare system but rather the various Drug/insurance plans. When I receive my medicare card # then I can apply for the rest of the program. The medicare broker said they have the lowest Part D plan annual costs yet I stumbled on another one that cut my costs by $200. I am still trying to get this expensive drug through another program but the doctor has not filled out the necessary paperwork to get processed.... There seem to be always a struggle doesn't there. Once approved it would only cost $50 per month. - Shalom
  7. Yes, any doctor that accepts original Medicare. The $1,400 deductible is for a hospitalization. I looked at the networks but they get real restrictive and I lose my pre-existing condition exemption once I choice an Advantage plan. What bugs me is Medicare does not allow us to use coupons from the Drug manufacture companies. It seems like a rigged system. IMHO - Shalom
  8. Yes, Eventually... The person helping me to choose Part D, Part G and Medigap (covers the other 20% of part informed me that I needed to sign up first for Medicare. I am now enrolled and waiting for my Medicare Card. I received paperwork confirmation that I am enrolled. The Part D Medicare coverage has a $435 deduction before there is coverage. It looks like My out of pocket RX expenses will be $1,000 plus the $13 per month. So here is the breakdown for 2020: Medicare Part A - Hospitalization (covers 80%) - no cost Deductible $1, 408 Medicare Part B- Doctors, outpatient, DME - Cost $145 per month, Deductible $198 Medicare Part D - Drugs - Cost $13-75 per month Deductible $435 and there is a max payout and out of pocket costs increase. Medi-gap Plan - cost ?? $198 I'm still trying to sort this out. - Shalom
  9. Good NEWS! I received a letter today informing me that the hospital wrote off over $4,000 of my outstanding balance. I applied for charity and they were very charitable! I just received the Physicians bill for their services for my hospital stay and office visits. That bill is almost $3,000. Hopefully, they will look at my financial situation and give me Grace as well. On Other news... I have applied for Medicare Part A and B so hopefully it will go into effect in May. I picked up my Rx today. The Rx is $76 this month. Each month will be a different price ? I am told that once on Medicare that I can not use coupons for the Rx? I don't understand that logic! We had a small snowstorm last Friday but I was able to scrape windows and ice and go to work. The roads were clear. Work keeps me busy and paperwork, insurance, cleaning up my home and several small projects. I take each day as it comes and still working on maximizing my health. Take care. - Shalom
  10. I hear and understand your grief, loneliness, and pain. My emotions at times are my worst enemies. You continue to be daily in my thoughts and prayers. Growing older (aging this year) seems to have hit me harder because of Hospitalization, Insurance issues, billing, collections, Current physical ailments, uncertainty of medications and treatments, etc... I can easily spiral down with certain thoughts and feelings. Praying you will have brighter days! - Shalom (Peace)
  11. Five years ago today, my beloved wife, Rose Anne departed. It seems to have hit me more this year. I had trouble sleeping last night. I woke up late and decided to not attend church. Some memories and flashbacks to the time I discovered her lifeless body has haunted me the last few days. This too shall pass. - Shalom (Peace)
  12. Yes, you will! - Shalom
  13. Fae, Thank you for sharing everything you have with us. On the 16th of this month, I will be experiencing the fifth anniversary of my beloved wife, Rose Anne. I didn't think I could survive for a day or a week yet here I am. I share the same sentiments that you have expressed... and still we continue on the path laid before us. I appreciate you and many others that helped, listened, and encouraged me. Thank you - Shalom (Peace)
  14. Two months after my hospitalization, I return to the gym to resume my fitness routine. My anxiety level and trepidation was high. Before I began, my heart rate jumped up to 134 BPM. That was before I started to exercise. I calmed myself down and just starte my upper body routine. I spent about 35 minutes today just getting used to using the muscles, machines, and memory. It felt good to be back where I have been going to for a year now. tomorrow I plan to return for my lower body workout routine. Keep pressing forward. - Shalom
  15. You have a lot to deal with it. I would think that you would prefer to be at home than in an assistance facility. I would ask your financial advisor to help with the process of determining the best in-home care services to work with your budget. If the first one you chose doesn't work out then move on to the next one. It seems you would have more control and there is always hope that your health will improve. Plus you will be home with your beloved pets.... praying for your healing and recovery. - Shalom (Peace)
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