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  1. iPraiseHim

    Solitary Grief

    I choose to be alone this Thanksgiving. It will be my fourth year without my beloved. The family dynamics have changed dramatically this year and I feel less stress just being with myself. I just don't want to pretend. I plan to work out at the gym. Do an office cleaning and then go to Golden Corral for a Thanksgiving meal. I choose what I want to eat that fits my palate and way of eating I have been following for a year and a half. This after life without my beloved here is only half as bright as it was. I have much to be thankful for. My improving health, losing 145lbs of excess fat and maintaining. My quality of sleep has improved. I am still able to work and have a good home. I have joined a gym and started to increase my body tone and strength. I press forward to keep learning, growing in this life. "Feelings are not FACTS" is the mantra that I keep learning and sharing. Feelings are not to be ignored, stuffed down or forgotten. But for me, they are a catalyst to drive me to discover what these feelings reveal and point me to TRUTH. The toughest part is to not have my beloved here now, sharing and loving me back in physical form. Yet, I know she loves me deeply. The loneliness and intimacy of that love is the toughest to deal with. I am blessed to experience that special love that few people know. My prayer for all of us is that we search and pursue this journey through this valley of grief and find our healing path. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. - Shalom
  2. Darryl, I have no clue how you took what i said as a personal attack. I was agreeing with you. Your post reminded me of my own nature so by your own words, I must be the village idiot. I was commiserating WITH YOU. I meant no harm or offense. This post response will cause me to hesitate, reflect, and probably not respond in the future, even when I AGREE with someone. We are all traversing this grief path. I have followed you and supported you from your first post years ago. There are times when I have mistaken what people say, write, or post. I am saddened by your response and I ask for your forgiveness. šŸ˜§ "One foot in front of the other"... - George- Shalom
  3. The nerd in me... I found an app that calculated the days. I haven't even looked at it in a while... 1320 days, 3 years, 7 months 12 days. ... I don't feel any better knowing this. I didn't think I could survive one day after her death. šŸ˜¢
  4. For immediate relief for leg cramps is to rub some Magnesium Oil(Magnesium Sulfate flakes and distilled water) on the affected area. It is usually a sign of Magnesium deficiency. If you have Epsom salt you can make some up and it works just not as fast. If you can soak in a bath or put a wet compress of the solution will help just before you go to sleep. I used to get leg cramps and my wife, too!. You can buy on Amazon or a local health food store. I make my own (easy) because it is more cost effective. Bananas are high in sugar which drives up your insulin. A better choice is to eat an avocado. It has better nutrients. - George - Shalom
  5. iPraiseHim

    Goodbye to my fur family

    Marita, I am so pained that you have to go through this. Horses are another one of God's beloved creatures that speak love to us without saying a word. I remember, a client's horse ( a Friesian), that would stop, turn around, look and follow my wife when we were outside of their home. She always wanted to own a horse and I was not able to provide that for her. Please know that I will pray and intercede for you as you grieve yet another loss on this journey you travel. šŸ˜­- George - Shalom
  6. iPraiseHim

    My Allen

    I also use peppermint oil when my sinus gets stuffy. Also good for alertness during the day. - Shalom
  7. iPraiseHim

    My Allen

    Lavender works well. I learned to just put a drop on my upper lip just under my nose. Saved me from having to clean the CPAP reservoir. I also use a couple of the triangle wedges for my head and feet. It looks like a custom posturepedic bed without the motors. CPAP saved my life. I have been using one for 15 years. Now the features on them are marvelous. - Shalom
  8. It's been 3 & 1/2 years and I still have not done that task either. I still have not deleted my wife's favorite account on Netflix although she hasen't watched anything since she died. Some things I had to take care of quickly and others I am just needing time. I still miss her everyday but know she will not be coming back. I still can only face this "One day at a time". I have bought two used (old) cars since then and I'm just dealing with managing what comes up. Recently, I went to change the drinking water filters in my home and discovered a water leak, and a rusted water reservoir. New tank ordered.... and a hurricane headed my way so I need to prepare for and monitor it's movement this week. - Shalom
  9. Shirley, My mind still wanders after 3&1/2 years. I find it is part of this journey. I am still caught by surprise and find myself tearing up. I am learning to just accept whatever feelings arise as they come. There is no timeline on grief and our healing journey. I was in such shock for a long long time. Don't let anyone or yourself "should on you". I have learned that FEELINGS are not always FACTS but they will eventually lead me to the truth. Each of us learn what life is to unfold on this journey. I always plan that we would enjoy life together until the sunset of our lives together. Life doesn't always turn out the way I dreamed it would. I found by sharing here, reading, studying, and learning grief tools help me to not hide/ignore feelings... Yes i cried a lot and still do at times. I miss my beloved wife, Rose Anne, everyday. Her love and the wonderful memories of us together for almost 26 years carry me through each day. You are on the right path and have found a caring, empathetic place where those of us who are "left behind" continue to move forward each day. šŸ˜Ž - George, Shalom
  10. iPraiseHim

    My Allen

    I used several of the therapeutic grade essential oils. NO, I do not sell them, but find them effective for me for several things. My sister's COPD was healed using these oils when the Dr. told her that once you have it you will have it for life. I find that some work for me and others don't/ I use ROSE essential oil to help life my mood and melancholy. Peppermint is great for mental clarity alertness, and opening up the sinuses. I use a four thieves,Four Knives(Amazon) for prevention of colds flues, and protects you from other peoples germs. I apply to my hands and under nostril and last for hours. If your interested, here is a link that I learned about them. Most of the oil I buy from Amazon. Learn about Therapeutic Grade oils as they are the cleanest and most pure form. http://hopewelloils.com/education.php Shalom
  11. I visited my Dad yesterday and he asked me when I was going to get married and raise a family. I reminded him that I was married for 25 years. He said. "but you don't have any children" so you don't have a family. He was curious if I still like women and wanted to get married? I can't imagine having children at my age. And yes, I still like women. šŸ˜ I can barely manage taking care of myself. I'm the oldest and with no male children, the Family name dies with me. Brother had no male children either. Life is real interesting with an aging father. The visit was great and he talked a lot about growing up on a farm during WW2. He as born in 1932. I like dust... I'm in the home cleaning business. lol Shalom
  12. Gwen, Let me tell you a story... I visited with my Dad most of today since my BIL & sister had a Dr. appt. today @ 12:45pm. I arrived at 11am and left her home at 7:30pm. My Dad can just barely walk and need help with meals and someone needs to be with him all the time. Yet he is improving and in good spirits despite the diagnose of CHF(congestive heart Failure) He has managed through therapy to strengthen his right hand and wrist so that he can use it again, sign papers, and eat with it. He struggles to get out of his chair and move every two hours and can just barely walk. Yet he is in good spirits and still tries to do as much as he can. He struggles but still manages to stand up just to give me a hug. His mind is sharp and clear especially of how he did things in the past. For myself, it is easy for me to think about all of the problems and challenges I have without my beloved wife. I miss her daily. I remind myself of the blessings and Grace I still have. It is a challenge to remain positive when life throws us such trials. I heard someone say that if you believe you can or you believe you can't either way you will be correct. I am learning this week to not give out unsolicited advice because the person didn't ask for it. I tend to be overly helpful to a fault. I also have low thyroid function and that effects over 300 systems in my body,, especially mood and mental state.Our bodies are complex and our thoughts/mind can effect our body. I have changed what I eat, when I sleep, sun exposure, vitamin supplements, exercise, food, hot baths, cold showers, etc... to find ways to improve my overall health. ... My reason is that even in this horrendous grief I am learning to choose life because it is more optimistic and opportunistic. My passion to fly is so real and uplifting despite the fact I see no logical, rational, or realistic way this is going to happen.... YET, but with God all things are possible. Initially, my belief in God was very dismal. I learned that I just needed to believe that there is a power greater than myself that can restore me to sanity. I had to be willing to be willing to believe. My prayers, are the same, "Lord help me". My prayer for you is that you can find that uplifting thought, dream, or goal. Meanwhile, just keep hanging on and holding on. If I gave up in my darkest hour, I would have never met and found my beloved soulmate, Rose Anne, and had the wonderful life we shared together for almost 26 years. I continue to pray daily for you that you can experience some peace and joy even through this grief. {{{HUGS}}} - George - Shalom
  13. iPraiseHim

    Iā€™m sorry to ALL here.

    Our hearts and prayers are with you continually, Katie. One of the hardest things for me to learn from grief is that I need to take care of myself. Breathing, Sleeping, eating, movement, etc... is sometimes a challenge. Like you. I was in Shock for a long time. I am learning to not "SHOULD" on myself as it places unrealistic expectations, stress, and demands that are unwarranted. What you have gone through is unspeakable. My faith in Christ, tells me that He will make a way through this for you even when there seems to be no way. My prayers are simple, " Jesus, please help Katie". It's okay to get and receive help. Hang on and hold on. Jesus says to choose Life. I choose that every day even thought there are times when I don't feel like. I have learned that FEELINGS are not always FACTS but they will eventually lead us to the truth. Praying continually for you Katie, {{{ HUGS }}} George - Shalom (God's perfect PEACE that passes all understanding (Phil 4:6-8)
  14. Depending on your oxygen needs, you may be able to use one of these portable lightweight systems. My wife was not able to because of higher oxygen level needs but it is still worth looking into it to increase your independence. Here is a link for some general information. Ask your pulmonologist . http://www.portableoxygenconcentrators.com/ - Shalom
  15. My wife was on dialysis the last year of her life. It was 4.5 hours 3 X week. Just about the time she could gain a little strength then she was right back at it again. I saw, heard, and experience things that no person should have to go through. It is a business and a system. I always kept vigil to make sure my beloved wife would get the best care. Every time I picked her up, she told me I was her knight in shining armor. She went through it for me because she knew of the pain and grief I would go through when she passed...; She was right. She was only 59 years old. Doctors flat out lied to me about her treatment, insulin injections, etc... Type two diabetes can be stopped, diminished and even reversed. Insulin Resistance and "Pre-Diabetes" can be easily diagnosed twenty years earlier than when you get the actual diagnosis. HINT: Ask for a FASTING Insulin Test. It is worth it to get it tested to find out where you stand. I am not a type 2 diabetic but I do have Insulin Resistance. There is a natural, healthy way to eat, and live, to stop the inflammation and disease of most people. It is because of the standard American diet (SAD) recommended by most doctors, dieticians, AMA, AHA. Follow the money you will discover the truth. Thankfully, I found a healthy way to reduced my insulin resistance and lose much of my excess weight. No pills, prescriptions, exercise, etc.. A great book to read is "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Jason Fung. I don't want to see anyone else suffer from this horrendous disease. My heart and prayers go with you as you travel this grief journey. - Shalom