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  1. In my feistier moments, i will answer, "Do you REALLY want to know or are you just being polite? I find it is a habit, just like a handshake or nod. There is usually no real meaning or intent behind it. - Shalom
  2. Yesterday, I went to a funeral/praise service of a longtime friend. I caught up with several people that i haven't seen in a long time. I prefer to not go to them but I do to honor and respect the family. I was not triggered by grief or the great quantities of treats that I used to eat. It was just about gathering with friends and listening to each other. It was a peaceful and solemn day. - Shalom
  3. Dewayne, My wife of 25 years also passed away from complications of diabetes. I comprehend and empathize with your pain and grief. My wife died four years ago (February 16, 2015). I was in SHOCK and AWE for a very long time. This group was instrumental in helping me understand and deal with this grief by listening, caring, and sharing. You are welcome to look up my posts, Shock and Awe, because, like you, I was trying to make sense out of it. We were inseparable until that fateful day. Deep love results in deep grief for the surviving partner (US). You, me, and everyone who comes here. Welcome to our family. - George - Shalom
  4. Podcasts are audio episodes about various topics. I have a smart phone. the app is iTunes. And i listen to about 10 different shows with a variety of topics. You can also view many of them on YouTube and learn just about anything you want to learn. KETO, Weight resistance training, Comic (Chad Prather), Two KetoDudes, Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, etc... Thanks. 😎 - Shalom
  5. Thank you. kayc. I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment and he is so amazed at my progress. I have been seeing him for ten years. He tells me I need to write a book? Then he tells me about this guy he helped twenty years ago and how now he is a successful pod-caster, publisher , and great generous guy. Small world. Come to find out I found his work early on this KETO journey and follow his work, listen to his podcasts. We have met several times and his genuine. My prayers are being answered with an increasing workload. Amen. - Shalom
  6. My sister asked me to clear my schedule so I could watch Dad while her husband is having foot surgery scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12. I have not heard from my sister since I stayed with Dad a couple of weeks ago. Since then business has picked up and I have several new clients. One of them needs to be cleaned on the same day because of their schedule.... so I was dreading to make the call to my sister. I have always managed to help somehow. So I called her last night, Sunday, at 7pm. She tells me of all the stuff she has been through. She had to put her cat to sleep because of massive cancer in her abdomen on Thursday. She never bothered to call me. This hit me hard because another friend of mine dog (sheltie) was accidentally run over backing up and perished. Then she proceeds to tell me that her husband's scheduled surgery was CANCELLED on FRIDAY because his blood pressure is too high. She never bothered to call me at all. When I asked her why, she just said, " I am just so busy and stressed out." As my Mom says, " I am as mad as a hornets nest". Isn't that just wonderful. I had a terrible nightmare last must be because of all this. I forgive her but it will be harder to forget about this. On a brighter note, my physical exercise routine is improving (allowing more time for muscle recovery and healing) and I continue to shed more excess inches and fat as I fine tune what I am eating. I am looking forward to having more work and staying busier to grow my business. Keep pressing forward. - Shalom
  7. Yes, I agree. My FEELINGS sometimes puts me places I don't want to go. I FELT like I gain weight because I ate some higher carbs(Pinto beans which I dearly enjoyed). The scale said down two lbs. I have lots more examples where "FEELINGS are not ALWAYS FACTS but when I study them they will reveal truth. Don't allow those feelings to dwell and clutter your mind. One of the reasons, I check in here daily is to hopefully listen, learn, and provide encouragement to other as it was given to me in the early INTENSE grief. Other people listened to my rambling anguish, grief, and pain. It helped me to get through, to learn, that I am not alone in this grief, and with the tools, books, articles, posts, etc... I would find ways to deal with this grief and heal as well. I was never normal before so how could I expect it now. As Darrell, says," It simply putting one foot in front of the other. Never give up, give in or just quit life. It is a precious gift as each of us knows since we were able to share quality life with our beloved. Hold on, Hang on, pull up, get up. And if you are not able reach out to get the help you need to proceed in this journey. {{{ HUGS }}} - Shalom
  8. Thank you. I have come to realize that all of the talking and discussing just falls on deaf ears. She hears only what she chooses to hear that fits her world and agenda. Her husband has another Foot surgery scheduled for March 12 and as she says." we need to stick together to help each other". She said she would be home by 10 pm and wasn't home until 11pm. My Dad is doing well and we had some good conversations. - Shalom
  9. Four years and grief still hits me and I cry as well. It is part of life now. We have suffered loss and it still hurts. My heart and prayers are with you. - Shalom
  10. After 56 days, my sister called because she needs my help. She has a wake that she wants to attend tomorrow evening. She wants me at her home by 5:30pm and doesn't plan to get back home until 10pm. She said I could call anytime but I would need to leave a message because they don't answer their phone. - Shalom
  11. Checking in. Still here and kicking. February is a rough month for me memory wise. Skin Hunger... oh yea.. I almost forgot about that. I had a few visits with a good friend and we shared some meals together, met at church, and a few visits. I gave his german shepherd dog a monkey that I kept after our beloved collie died six years ago. He loves that thing and plays with it so gently. He loves that monkey and I was glad to give it a good home. I have been going to the gym for almost three months and getting fitter and stronger. I'm still sore all the time and have a few setbacks but I keep plugging along. Business is slower than I would like. I had a physical setback but i'm managing to cope with it. My sister has not bothered to call since January 1st... I guess she will call the next time she needs me. I do keep active and I'm always learning something new. We have a lot of rain and some cold snaps but thankfully no snow to shovel. One step forward each day. - Shalom
  12. Yes. This is the group that no one wants to join because it means deep and profound loss and grief. Other people judge us based on their perceptions and understanding in their world view. Feelings are neither right or wrong. They are just that feelings. However, I have come to learn that they are not always FACTS but when closely examined they will let me to my TRUTH. It is very individual yet comforting to know that there are other people (here) who know and understand our journey. We are all learning how to survive and live with this grief and healing. I am learning to let go of others expectations of me and even of myself and just deal with each day as it comes. One day at a time. Good sleep hygiene, healthier eating, and movement(exercise) all help. Most of all this sanctuary here where we can listen, share, and care for each other. {{{ HUGS }}} - Shalom
  13. Katie, Please know that your feelings are not stupid. Feelings are just that. I can melt down from anything that reminds me of my beloved wife. Grief is the expression you have for your Allen that is difficult to express to him now. I still have those moments now. I was in such shock of my wife's death that it took me a long time to just learn to breath, sleep, and just hold on. This intensity of pain will eventually lessen. This group is a great help to me and many others here who love and care about you. - Shalom
  14. I'm okay. I had a good cry at 5:01pm. My sister has not called, texted, or contacted me since January 1st. It still hurts that she only calls when Dad is sick or she needs something from me. Yet she says that FAMILY is the most important thing and that we all have to stick together... Yeah... right. I went to church and had a meal out with a friend this afternoon so it has been a good day. Thank you and everyone here for caring. - Shalom
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