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  1. The eye of the Hurricane Dorian passed further east of me so there was just raining and some winds. We were spared. Electricity and internet stayed on. I'm heading out for work in a few minutes. I wanted to let my friends here know I am doing okay. KayC, stay safe and use wisdom about travel and helping your friends. Peace be with you in your travels, home, and sleep. - Shalom
  2. I am home and work has been cancelled for tomorrow. The eye of the storm appears to be veering east which is a good thing. The latest forecast for tomorrow are rain and winds up to 35 mph. I plan to hunker down and enjoy this day off. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. - Shalom (Peace)
  3. I'm so sorry. Our minds have a mind of their own. I will pray for peace and protection from these disturbing dreams, my friends. - Shalom (Peace)
  4. I can speak from the husband/soulmate perspective. My beloved wife, Rose Anne's Diabetes, progressed to the point were the last six years of her life she was completely disabled and unable to work. I never thought or imagined for one moment that I was missing out on life because she was ill. She was my life. Just being with her calmed me and settled my soul. She would mention how she thought she was a burden to me and making life harder but for me it was just the opposite. I loved her from the moment I saw her and our bond grew closer each passing day. We were blessed to share almost 26 years together. She knew every day how much I loved her because I showed her every day. She would comment, " How come you love me so much?" I would answer, "because I love you more today than yesterday!" I still miss her presence every single day. I had the best life with her even during the difficult and trying times. They were still better than what I'm dealing with now since she is no longer present... the afterlife is not as bright. Still, I press forward on the path set before me. - George (Shalom)
  5. I am more confused now than before. I thought it meant just the opposite. Now I have no clue how to respond.
  6. I plan to LABOR on Labor day. It's a holiday for some. It's just another work day for me. - Shalom (Peace)
  7. Wow! It's already been another month... This week has been one of my busiest work weeks in a long time. I have had several 10-12 hour days and worked every day this week including today! I try my best to always rest and not work on Sundays but it couldn't be avoided. The good news is this morning has been the coolest inside home temperature in months... only 80. It has been a real mild overcast day and the outside temps are only 74. I removed the old washing machine (pulled a muscle), repaired the water valves, and installed the new (to me) Washing machine. It's so super HE (High Efficiency) machine that it takes two hours to wash a simple load.... But it least it works... mostly except I have to put it through another spin cycle for some reason. I have worked so much this week there was no time ( or energy) to work out at the gym. Ill resume my workouts tomorrow as my work schedule is more regular this week. Sister news... . She is still pressing for me to help her get Dad's home cleaned out on the pretense that she just wants to see me... yeah right!. We set a time last week, I cleared my morning schedule for her and she never bothered to call me back. When I asked her why she didn't call and tell me of her change of plans, she said she thought I was supposed to call her because I'm always so busy??? ... She did text me late that night that she went to visit her daughter.... Some things never change. I have been reading a book about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and working on grasping it's contents. I notice patterns in my life of moods, obsessive thought patterns, and melancholy. Sometimes, I am able to adjust and change the thoughts and focus yet sometimes the feeling overwhelm the thoughts. It is an interesting concept. I am continuing to working on just living in the now. letting the grief thoughts and happy memories flow. Hoping your journey through grief and healing is progressing for y'all ( you all)- Shalom (Peace)
  8. Jackie, You are still so new in your grief, your anguish reminds me of how much acute pain I was in when my wife died suddenly without warning. Nothing in my life prepared me for that Shock and AWE. I kept looking for reasons, excuses, something i missed, I forgot to do that may have killed my wife. I was her caregiver for the last six years of her life. I loved her beyond life itself. We are soulmates. It took some time and working through this grief steps and healing journey that I came to realize that all of this "what if" and "If only.." still wouldn't bring my beloved, Rose Anne, back into my life. Her death was beyond my control. I had to forgive myself and let all of those thoughts go because they didn't help. We know God forgives our sins, past, present, and future. So if God forgives us, who are we to not forgive ourselves. Healing will come when you can accept and forgive yourself... or at least be willing to be willing to pray for forgiveness. The sign is Jesus death on the cross and the Resurrection. With acceptance you will receive healing... choose life. {{{ HUGS}}} - Shalom (God's Perfect Peace be with you, Jackie)
  9. DebiW, There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each person experiences in a unique and different way and yet we all still grieve and miss our beloved. It helps to understand that your feelings are okay and acceptable. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, felt anxious and at times even had difficulty even breathing. Nothing in my life prepared me for this. Earlier, my mother, brother, and best friend died(several years earlier), however my wife was there to comfort and console me. My beloved wife, Rose Anne, And I were married for 25 years and her sudden death was "Shock and AWE" to me and my way of life. Fortunately, I found this safe place and wonderful, kind people who listened to my story, cared, and shared. They gave me wonderful suggestions of how to deal with some of these issues and a pathway to work through grief. Debi, most of all, know that you are not alone. People in this community truly care and understand your loss and profound grief. We are all here to help you like others have helped us through this process. - George - Shalom (Peace)
  10. I understand your pain and sorrow. This place helped me in so many ways to realize that what I was thinking, feeling, and body pain is the way the body deals with grief and loss. It is normal and intense initially. It helped me to know that I was not alone and that others here understood, listened, cared and shared. This is a comforting respite from the outside world. Welcome. Praying for your peace and comfort. - George - Shalom
  11. Very profound statement indeed! - Shalom (God's Perfect Peace)
  12. I live in Virginia. I am about 20 miles west of the Atlantic ocean (Virginia Beach). The window unit is my life saver. I can cool down and sleep well at night.
  13. Thankfully, I have a window unit that cooled the room down to 81and dropped the humidity down 15%. It is tolerable. I am careful to not overexert myself in this heat and drink plenty of water and take additional electrolytes. I need to get back to my usual sleep routine though. It has been off since my father died. I have over 12 hours of work scheduled for tomorrow... If i can not finish the work tomorrow, I will need to complete the work on Sunday. I used to be able to work 17 hours straight but as I mature (get older), I find I just can not work as long. The lower high temps (80's) is more tolerable. I am looking into a few different cooling systems and options. - Shalom
  14. Work has kept me busy and the extreme heat has finally past. The hottest day was 103 with 50% humidity. The temps inside my home were 96. My HVAC company that I have had a maintenance agreement for twelve year, finally gave me an estimate just to replace my compressor would be $2,500.... and in six months the refrigerant used will no longer be manufactured and they would not be able to service the unit. ??? Another words, I have to buy a complete HVAC again!... It seems technology is advancing so much that it makes old machines obsolete and unable to repair forcing us (consumers) to buy more. I have been working in the sales and service business most of my life and I would never recommend a product or service that would not benefit the client. ... Thankfully it is cooler (80's) and more tolerable. ... My sister is still try to manipulate me into her schemes but I just chose not to play in her sandbox. ... I attended a funeral service yesterday for a friend I've known for twenty years. Death and grief really put life into perspective. My work schedule has been so busy that I have not been able to workout at PF since Monday. I have full days scheduled through Saturday. Thankfully, I am off on Sunday, to Praise, Worship, Grace, and Rest. - Shalom(Peace)
  15. The reason is a sudden weight gain lets you know there is more fluid retention. My father had CHF (Congestive Heart failure) for a few years and he would weight daily to see if there was fluid retention more than normal. - Shalom
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