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  1. "Personal Christian viewpoint expressed..." I heard this familiar phrase but the other part of the phrase is usually not shared. I have prayed many times, " Lord, help me because I can not handle it. I need your help, I am weak and You are strong". And when I do God will "make a way THROUGH the trial" . God usually doesn't remove the problem but rather grows us and stretches us in ways we don't want or chose ourselves. Please, Just lean on God and ask Him to show you the way through it. - Shalom
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    I want a dog too.But I'm not home much and it would be unfair to the dog. - Shalom
  3. Kayc, praying. ... Shalom
  4. widow'15 3 &1/2 years ago my wife died while I was out working. I had been her caregiver for the last six years of her life because of the progressing disability of type 2 diabetes. There were at last four times that I was able to help revive her due to low oxygen levels, sleep apnea, post surgery, etc... I happened to be there to rescue her each time, by God's Grace. But alas, I was not there when she died. I could blame myself and punish myself the rest of my life for this but what would it serve? I needed to work to provide an income for us. We had telephones, etc... for communication and emergencies. However, I had no control when or how my beloved wife died. I would have sacrificed myself for her. We celebrated 25 years of Valentines together and had the most wonderfully, fun, memory-stirring time recounting our lives together. I fixed her favorite dishes, and we had the best weekend. Little did I know two days later she would die. That fateful day was tragic, yet now I can remember so many more wonderful days and years we spent together, best friends, soulmates, and lovers. I choose to remember and cherish the good moments in our shared lives together. Your husband said... of course, that would be fine and he loved me and would be happy to be coming home. I ask that you please stop "shoulding" yourself. You don't need to punish yourself for loving your husband. He didn't know he was going to pass and neither did you. Consider forgiving yourself for being human. ( spoken in love and empathy). I forgive you. - Shalom
  5. Rahn, Yes, I went through similar thoughts and feelings. I traced and retraced every action, thought and motive looking for some way to blame myself for my beloved wife's death. I was trying to make sense out of something that is completely out of my control. You are not alone or crazy. The shock of her death stayed with me for quite a long time. It helped me to just write out all of these thoughts and feelings and seek help to make sense of this grief. My prayers are with you for peace and comfort. You are on the right path. - Shalom
  6. I am also close to the 3 & 1/2 year mark and this still happens. Third year for me is just the deepening realization and accepting the reality of life without my beloved. I will always miss her. My love for her never dies. Now it is in the fond remembrance of our journey together. The members here in this place "GET IT" and we help each other just by listening, sharing, and caring. Please come and share what you are able. It is here that i am learning how to express it, learn tools to deal with it, and also grow through healing. This process takes time. Our lives have been changed. Thank you for sharing. - Shalom
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    My Allen

    Shocked..." No words" ... Praying ... - Shalom
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    As you know, grief takes time. My assurance comes from God, reading and meditating on the scriptures. I wish I knew some way to impart that to you. My prayers are simple, "Lord help me!" His word says that we (people) know how to give good gifts and we are not perfect. I know that when we ask God sincerely and just keep asking he will answer prayer. My collie, Brandee, of 10 years developed stomach bloat (twisted stomach) . We did not have the money to do the surgery so I had to make the immediate decision because she was in severe pain. My wife was not even able to say her goodbyes. I still miss her every day. Death is just so painful on so many levels. I do pray regularly that God will grant you peace and rest with Olive. Our pets have a special bond of love and trust. (((H U G S ))) -. Shalom
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    Videos Worth Watching

    WOW! This touches me deeply. I can not imagine... "No matter what you come up against...KEEP GOING!"
  10. Ron, My Beloved wife of 25 years died unexpectedly, on February 16, 2015. It also is the worse moment in my life. Enna's wisdom and many others here have helped me through the darkest time of my life. I called it "Shock and Awe". You are welcome to read through my posts the last three years as I documented my journey through this grief. I had trouble sleeping, eating, and even breathing at times. This wonderful group listened, shared, and cared. The intensity of this pain will eventually diminish. It helped me to learn about this type of grief and various tools that help all of us travel this journey. We, (the surviving soulmates) understand and relate in a way that most of the rest of the world just doesn't comprehend. Your love for your beloved wife doesn't change. Your expression of love for her is through this grief. It is important to get more rest, eat as healthy as you can and be patient with yourself. It is best to just take one moment at a time. Please share, read, and learn how you can travel this road of grief and healing. Welcome - Shalom
  11. iPraiseHim

    28 days later

    Hello Carrie M, Welcome! The way you speak of your love and friendship of your husband reminds me of the same feelings and emotions when my wife suddenly died. Fortunately, I found this safe haven of people who know, understand, and empathize with my pain, grief, and loss. I was in such "Shock and AWE" about my beloved wife's death. The wonderful people here helped me to understand how to grief, what I am feeling is, and that this is something that I don't just "get over it and move on". There is a process and there are tools of healing and comfort. It is okay to take care of yourself. Grief takes much energy. Allow yourself time to rest and to take care of yourself. Get good sleep, eat healthy, and drink more water. I had difficulty with all of this. It takes time. I have learned to just take one moment at a time. It seems most people don't understand this side of grief unless they have experienced this profound loss. MartyT, and many others here have great tools, and listening ears and compassionate hearts. You are invited to share,ask questions, and just be here with us as we travel this path. - Shalom
  12. Yes, I have come to the same realization. I don't know what the future holds but I do know that since I am still alive I am supposed to live my life to the fullest. Sometimes, that is just getting up in the morning. Sometimes the FEELINGS seems so real yet for me they are but an illusion that is guiding me to TRUTH. (FEELINGS are not always the FACTS). I realize that there is so much in life that is NOT in my control yet there are some that I still have choices. I'm learning to accept life on life's terms. Resiliency seems to be my latest conquest. Just to bounce back at whatever life throws at me and to just live in the now and strive to improve, accept life as it is and continue to improve. There is a line from the movie(my wife loved) , "Shawshank Redemption"... "GET BUSY LIVING!" I am pursuing my life long dream, (to get my PPL and fly an airplane). I can look at all the obstacles and just surrender, or I can chose to search, look and pursue my dreams. There all sorts of logical reasons why I will never be able to fly ( age, weight, health, money, ability,.etc...) or I can just persist until I succeed. I have lost 135lbs in the last 13 months,and continue to find ways to improve my health through better sleep routines, sun exposure ( VIT D), and now working on some resistance training to improve muscle tone. We all have choices even when it seems like we have no choice. Choice Life. Find something, anything that will get you to look FORWARD to something. It is not easy but it is what Rose Anne would have wanted me to do... and your beloved wants the same thing for you. - Shalom
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    Cookie, I am so sorry about Olive. This grief is no different than the loss of your beloved husband. Although it FEELS like you are being punished it is because death hurts so much. Your beloved, Olive, was with you at her time of transition. She was beside you, whom she loved. My heart grieves with you. It is okay to be devastated. Feel whatever feelings that come. Yet know that the UNIVERSE (GOD) is always for us and not against us. I'm sending hugs your way. {{{ HUGS}} - Shalom
  14. I believe you have helped and continue to help just by being there and her friend. Unfortunately, we can not save people from themselves. I have a challenge just doing the right things for myself. Keep doing Marg as you do each day! 😊 {{{ HUGS }}} - Shalom
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    I had a dream

    Mitch, Very unusual, after three years, I have had two dreams this week about my wife, Rose Anne. I rarely remember my dreams, but both of them I was striving to reach her and finally we were together again. So blissful. When I woke up, I wanted to go back to sleep to resume the dreams. 😍 - Shalom