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  1. Merry Christmas! 2020 has been an interesting year? This is the sixth Christmas with much mixed emotions. I continue each day to keep pressing forward to the mark set before me. I am fortunate to be able to work especially this year. I'm thankful this group was here for me in my darkest hours after the sudden death of my beloved wife. I'm still learning to accept things as they are as how they should be... learning to manage my expectations. Take care my friends. - Shalom(Peace)
  2. Happy Anniversary to my beloved bride, Rose Anne. 31 yrs ago today. We both said I do and we did. It is the sweetest memory of our union. We are separated by flesh but not by the Spirit. " I'll see you in Heaven!" - Shalom
  3. Joan_s, My heart weeps with you as you share your dreadful experience. The initial shock and awe of this does feel like a nightmare. All of your thoughts and feelings are normal. Your mind is trying to sort out and make sense out of all of this. The "what-ifs..." and "if only I..." is only natural. The best advice friends here gave me was to try and get some sleep, drink, water, and take this one moment at a time. Look into searching for a grief counselor who can help you through this challenging time. Meanwhile, this group and Marty T has plenty of resources that helped me and many p
  4. It took me quite awhile to deal with the Shock and Awe of my beloved wife's death from complications of Type 2 Diabetes. I learned to just take one day at a time. It was a couple of years after her death that my childhood dream of flying was rekindling. It was the first time I was looking FORWARD to something instead of just mourning her death. It was a weird juxtaposition. As part of this renewed passion, I determined to lose weight. In this process, I stalled after losing 45lbs. I was so determined, that I discovered the reason and that I too was pre-diabetic. When I learned the ROOT CAUSE
  5. Nashreed, My heart beats with you as i read your comments. It takes time and grief work to journey through our grief. Life will never return to what it was yet there is still a reason and purpose for our existence. My wife died over five years ago, yet at times it still feels so recent. The life and memories we shared will forever be in my hearth and mind. I have learned that feelings are not always facts yet when examined they will lead me to Truth. It feels like my life power was dimmed when she died, yet I trudge forward through life. Marty T offers many tools in our community and
  6. The hurricane will be downgraded by the time it reaches my area in Eastern coastal Virginia. Just some winds and rains predicted for Saturday. The previous hurricane came right over us three weeks ago. I had some minor repairs. This Hurricane is much stronger with category 4 winds. Praying everyone is safe and secure. - Shalom
  7. I'm not an expert on etiquette, I was informed I "should" send out thank you cards after the funeral when my wife died. I just didn't have the strength or energy to face that task. I have learned not to "SHOULD" on myself over other peoples expectations of how I should perform or grieve. You also have a newborn that takes much of your energy. I was in shock for a long time and grief itself takes a lot of energy. You are not being rude to take care of yourself. We are here as a group to help you through this process and let you know that you are not alone. Please take care of yourself a
  8. You are fortunate to have your parents to help you through this. I struggled with many things in the early days. It takes time to come to terms with the death of your beloved Brian. I had images of when I found my beloved wife, Rose Anne dead. I have pictures of her through my home to remind me of the better days and times. I pray, write, or journal through those roughest times. There is no timeline for this but it helped me to know that I am not alone in this grief journey. There will be a time when this grief pain is less intense and severe. That time is different for everyone. For me
  9. Missy1965, what you share and experience is very common as you sore out this grief and pain. One of the lessons I have learned on this journey is that "Feelings are not Facts, yet when examined will lead us to Truth. You are still in the early phase of "Shock and Awe" that I went through just learning to accept life as it unfolds. I could sleep, I couldn't eat and at times led to even breathe. This safe place gave me shelter, comfort, and a place to share my struggles with the lost of my beloved wife. Grief takes additional energy. Take care of yourself, your body, even though you don't
  10. Praying for comfort and peace for you. It is a tough decision to make and as you say the price of love. Shalom (Peace)
  11. I just turned 65 last month and all that it entails. Dealing with Medicare decisions the last six months forced me to face my biological age. It has been over five years since, my beloved wife, Rose Anne, died, and I still miss her everyday. I'm weeping just writing this. I am also have an essential job and fortunate to still be able to work. Having a sudden heart attack six months ago rocked my world as well. I'm thankful I am still alive and there was no damage to my heart. I am trying to make the best of this situation in life and help others that suffer from diabetes. There is a hope and
  12. My Journey continues... May is usually the roughest month for me because of so many life events. You can scroll through previous years posts for that. This year as it is my sixth trip around the calendar without my beloved Rose Anne, I decided to just let the month of May roll in and out without much fanfare.... Well that was the plan anyway,. Just feel the feelings and keep moving forward. Of course May 1st was important because of having to making decisions about Medicare options, etc... I have never been reminded so much about my age or that focused on a number. I've decided I'll just
  13. Does your oxygen machine have a humidifier? Oxygen dries out the sinuses and that is what causes it. When on a portable, a couple of shot of saline mist in the nose helps. - Take care - Shalom
  14. JimJim, In my early days and years of grief, I too searched for some reason, for some way to blame myself for my wife's death. If only I did this, if only I knew that, etc... I keep going over in my mind trying to find some way to blame myself so that I could hang on to a reason for her death. I love my wife, Rose Anne, beyond the limits I can put into words. Through this group, prayer, and my faith, I have come to understand that FEELINGS are not FACTS! Yet when examined can lead us to Truth. I was my wife's caregiver the last six years of her life. I learn to forgive myself for b
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