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Mother's Day Webinar

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Mother's Day Webinar
Don't miss out on the happenings at opentohope.com
You are invited to a free Zoom webinar. 
Have you or someone you love suffered the death of a child or mother? Join us in our Mother’s Day webinar, Debbie Rambis, Executive Director will talk with Dr. Heidi Horsley, Executive Director of the Open to Hope Foundation and Dr. Gloria Horsley, President of the Open to Hope Foundation about this upcoming holiday and how we can manage the day. If you are missing your child or your mom then please join us in finding hope and healing.
When: May 1, 2018 4:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Mother's Day: How Will You Celebrate? 
Please click the link below to register for the webinar: 
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Dear Madam MartyT,

I have some questions about the webinar. It's my first time to do this.

1. How does the webinar work?

*Do I need to login on Skype and proceed like a video conference?

*Is it like a real conference where everyone has to dress up in shirts and ties?

2. Can the speaker and the other viewers hear and/or see me?

*My little brother will be with me at this time. Do I need to watch the webinar in an extremely quiet place with no other person with me?

3. How long is the webinar?

*Sorry if the question sounds rude.


With respects,

Blue Captain

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Not rude at all, dear one. Just click on the link embedded in the notice (above) to get yourself registered. You should go ahead and do that right away. Fill in the fields as indicated, then you'll be taken to a "Webinar Registration Approved" page. At the appointed day and time, just click on the link you'll see there. (Save that link somewhere so you'll have it when you need it. But if you're registered, I think Open to Hope will send you a reminder email the day of the webinar.) As long as your computer has speakers, you should be able to watch and listen to the live broadcast. (Once you click on the link, you'll need to download the "Zoom" program, which then will launch the webinar on your computer.)

I am totally NOT a computer geek, and if I can do this, I'm sure you'll have no trouble 😉)

(You can watch the webinar together with your brother ~ there is no charge for it. I would, however, advise doing so in a quiet place with no other distractions. Wear whatever you like, as it's not like Skype, and the people presenting will not be able to see you. If you watch it live, you'll be able to ask questions via its chat feature. If you can't watch it at the appointed time, as long as you are registered, you'll be given a link so you can watch it at your own convenience.)

Hoping this answers. If not, just let me know ❤️

PS - I forgot to say: I'm not sure how long it is, but usually these things take about an hour, so I would allow an hour.

And if you're looking ahead to Mother's Day, you may find this helpful: When Mother's Day Hurts

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