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downsizing and moving


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in a couple months, I will have been widowed  nine months. EDIT: this should have read nine years When we moved here, we had plans to renovate. That's going to happen, but later than planned, and when we (new man and I) are done-ish, we'll be moving on.  I'm sad.  This house is too big for two people, and something smaller, cheaper to heat, less to clean, is a practical move.  It's kind of stupid, we didn't have a fairy tale marriage,  I'm trying the concept of thanking things as I tidy up.   In my timeline, I'm thinking of preparing to sell in five years, when I retire.  New man is trying to be comforting, telling me that other people would have given up and abandoned the house. I suppose that's true.

I don't know why the thought of moving makes me cry.  Maybe just because I'll need to acknowledge getting older by moving someplace warmer. (Someplace yet to be determined. Suggestions welcome!)


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I wish you well with it...the rennovating seems brave by my way of looking at it, and I can't even imagine moving, but then I don't like heat.  I'm happy in Oregon and it's where my whole family is, even though we're stretched out across it, so I doubt I'll ever move out of state.  Not liking desert, that limits me to the western side...much as I love the coast, my arthritis doesn't like it, so I'll probably always be inland a ways, right now, up in the mountains.  Someday perhaps in the valley where I don't have to deal with snow.

Good luck to you, at least you're considering changes!

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