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For Kayc And George

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((((KAYC)))) - my thoughts are with you and George on this special day.

I want you to know that your posts here have helped me a great deal. I did not think that I would survive the first year. I did not even want to, but I promised Jeannie that I would try.

Finding this site and people like yourself, who really understand what it means to lose a loved one has made me realize that we are NOT alone and we can help others to survive also.

Here are some examples of how you have helped me:

On July 20th your wrote:

I try to think of something good about each day, about seeing the deer in my yard looking at me or the elk mewing in the trees. These things do not take his place, not even for a moment, but they are joys in themselves all the same. We have to go on, we have no choice, but we can still look forward to being reunited someday.

On July 23rd…

It helps to hear what others have to say...to know that I'm not crazy, or if I am, at least I'm not alone, for we who have lost our life partner, our love, we are going through this lonely path together.

On Aug 4th…

I am very happy for my husband, he is safe, he is happy, he is in that wonderful place we now all long for...but for myself, I am going to have to make something of this rubble that is left of my life. I am going to have to give it meaning, hope, purpose.

You most certainly deserve these HUGS

At year end 2005 you offered these words of hope:

We must hold on to our hope for sometimes, at the moment, that is all that we have. It is that hope and faith that sees us through the darkest of times until we can see our dreams realized in fruition. We have the hope of seeing our loved ones again and being reunited, we need to focus on that and on what we have now rather than concentrating on how long the wait is.

In late February, having watched this


you wrote:

…at the precise moment that George died, 6:00 p.m. Father's Day, there was a thunderous storm with lightening and rainbows,..you could see the blue sky and clouds lit up because the lightening lit it up. The picture was incredible! There were multiple rainbows, and I can't help but think that this whole shower of display was George being welcomed into heaven. .. We need to remember and think about it, that they are with us, just in changed form.

Absolutely right! – Our loved ones will always be with us if we let them in. They are patiently waiting for us

Listen Here

On Mar 15th you again gave some good advice:

…so we focus on remembering how fortunate we were to have that person in our life, how fortunate we were to have ever had them at all...so in essence, we are fortunate that we are missing them now because if had never had them in our lives at all, that would be even worse than this pain that we carry. This pain is a reminder of all that was created between us, the love, the memories, the special bonds we had.

I am sure your dear George is watching over you today as always and has taken your advice to :


Take Care Kay - you are an important asset to this group.


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Guest PattiZ54

Kayc - My thoughts are with you today. You have come so much further than you think and I KNOW you will continue on for George. He would want that for the person he loved most in the world!! WaltC is absolutely right....you have contributed so much to this website and us. We appreciate you!


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004; I love & miss you, Dear!)

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What a beautiful tribute to KayC – and so richly deserved.


You have been a wonderful inspiration to so many – and as always my thoughts and prayers are with you – now and always.

Love and Hugs to each and every person who has so sadly joined our circle.

John – Dusky is my handle on here.

Love you Jack

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Walt, Thank you for taking the time to look up quotes and write what you did, and to each of you for your posts, for being here, you mean more to me than you could possibly know...you help me get through each day.

Last week as I faced George's birthday on June 14th, it hit me incredibly hard, harder than I'd expected, and I cried for hours and hardly slept. Knowing I was soon to face the one year anniversary of his death, which is today, I was concerned about how I'd handle it...I left a voicemail on my daughter's phone asking her if she could spend the night on the 18th so I wouldn't be alone all day. I didn't hear back from her. I did get a call from my son last night, which I appreciated...really, the anniversary of George's death is both on Father's Day and on the 19th, the way it fell, so that's kind of how my son was thinking; anyway, I thought it was sweet of him and we reminisced about George and the things we loved about him and it brought me many smiles even though I miss him terribly.

I put as a screensaver on my computer, a slide show of "my pictures" and it is kind of neat to walk by and see pictures constantly changing...there is one picture in particular that brings me a smile even though I feel pangs of pain and sadness too...and that is a picture taken by some friends of ours while we were out camping...George and I are sitting side by side in canvas chairs, holding hands, smiling, looking so content, like a fat and happy old couple...and we truly were happy...there is one of us like that at Christmastime too, sitting on the loveseat, holding hands, happy, watching the surroundings go on around us...we may not have made it into old age together, we didn't get to share the rest of our lives together or live to retire on the porch swing as we'd planned, but we knew three years and eight months of complete wedded bliss...our marriage and life was no more trouble free than anyone's, yet I can honestly say we were totally in love and happy with each other, and I'm glad we had the time that we did.

Thank you, all of you, for letting me reminisce, and for being there for me.

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