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My Mimi Died and I Can’t Move On

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My Mimi died this Saturday and I can’t move on. I know it hasn’t even been a week yet but the wold is still moving. Why is it still moving. Why can’t everything just stop. I want to scream and I want to cry and I want to be alone. Yet everyone expects me to be over this by now? I have finals in two weeks, I can’t even focus in class. I am a straight A student and I now have a C+ in one of my classes because I just can’t focus and frankly I don’t care. I’m so alone. I just want her back. 

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My dear, the feelings and reactions you describe are not at all unusual, especially at this very early point in your grief. Still, if you've no prior experience with significant loss, you may feel very "crazy," isolated and afraid in the face of it. I don't know if you're in high school or in college, but I urge you to meet with your school's guidance counselor or student health service, or even a trusted teacher or professor ~ in other words, find someone at your school who can help you explain your circumstances to your teachers and guide you through this significant ~ and perhaps very first ~ loss of a loved one in your life. Grief is a difficult and challenging journey to travel, especially if you've no prior experience with loss and you're under the pressure of facing final exams. There are counseling services at most public schools and on most college campuses, and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of whatever resources are available to you.

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I am so sorry for your loss...I was about to suggest you talk to your professor about your situation but I see Marty has already covered that.  I pray for the best for you as you get through this...

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