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Ten days ago I lost a friend I had worked with for nine years...unexpectedly and suddenly. Yesterday another friend lost her husband...also unexpectedly and suddenly. Today, as some friends were driving/moving to Montana, he was in front with his semitruck and his baby granddaughter and five year old granddaughter were with him...and his wife following behind in her car along with her mother...and he had an accident and he and the baby were killed and the little girl is in intensive care. Here is Kathy, newly widowed, lost her husband and grandbaby and worried about her granddaughter, in a town she doesn't know, among strangers...I can't even imagine. When I went through it, it was enough to lose my husband, it was enough that I was in my own hometurf surrounded by friends and family...that was unbearable enough, but this family's grief seems overwhelming. Please pray for her...

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Guest PattiZ54

KayC - I am SO SORRY to hear about your friend's loss(es). That is absolutely horrible!!! I can't imagine - 'cause as you said, I was here with my family when I lost Charlie. They were all with me (and had been) the whole time and still my pain was so deep. Your friend won't even think about grieving until she knows about her granddaughter. I have 3 grandkids of my own and I can't imagine what THAT pain would be like. The saddest thing I can think of.....

Do know that my prayers and thoughts are with her. I so much hope things turn around for her family.


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004; I love & miss you, Dear!)

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