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Feel like a burden at family gatherings

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Am new to this forum, thank you for listening. 

Not sure if burden is the right word, but I feel like people look at me, they hold back, don't know what to say. 

Had lovely funeral service, and always remember the words, not to talk about our loved ones is to forget them, so am feeling sad they don't follow through, especially with close family



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Welcome here, I'm glad you found us.  Not everyone's loss is to the same degree, even within the same family.  Our ways of grieving also differ.  Some do it privately and compartmentalize so we can't always tell what's going on in them.  Others are affected hard, as you are discovering.  :wub:  This is a long journey and the hardest one I've ever embarked on and I know of no pain akin to it, but eventually we can begin to heal somewhat and adjust to the changes it means for our lives, our bodies are amazing in their survival instincts is all I can say because I never thought it possible when I lost my sweet husband and also my companion dog, I've lost many but those two hit me harder than any other.  I wish comfort to come your way...

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