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Haunted by my baby sister's death

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Both my sisters died of a genetic illness,by the time I was 17. One of them I knew and the other sister,she was only 4 months old when she died and I have no memory of her at all(I was only 6 when she died).And lately,as I get older,it is her death that haunts me. 
There are no photos of her,no discussions,no mention of her(she died in 1976,I know things were different then).
I keep crying about this one thing-who was with her when she died.She died in hospital,very ill with bowel problems and I could be wrong about this but I dont know if either of my parents were with her when she passed away. She was in a city hospital and we lived hundreds of miles away and back then,parents werent allowed stay with sick children. My other sister died in the late 80s and it was so different then,I know they were both with her.I can't ask them as they can't talk about her.
Do people think that my baby sister had a nurse with her,at the end? I know nurses are angels and I pray someone was comforting her,I would give anything to know who was with her.


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It's hard when you don't get the answers you want.  I am very sorry you and your family went through this.  I can only suggest seeing a grief counselor, who may be able to help you come to terms with it, barring the answers you'd like.  I lost my nephew at 3 and niece before she was two, I know it's hard.  :(


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